William H. Gates III
Roderick A Hyde, William H Gates III, Muriel Y Ishikawa, Jordin T Kare, Nathan P Myhrvold, Clarence T Tegreene, Thomas A Weaver, Charles Whitmer, Lowell L Wood Jr, Victoria Y H Wood: Electromagnetic engine. Searete, Workman Nydegger, November 24, 2009: US07622814 (16 worldwide citation)

An engine includes a piston slidably disposed in a cylinder with a closed end. The engine further includes a converter operable with the piston to convert mechanical energy of the piston to electrical energy in the converter in a stroke and convert electrical energy of the converter to mechanical en ...


Ralph G Nuzzo, John A Rogers, Etienne Menard, Keon Jae Lee, Dahl Young Khang, Yugang Sun, Matthew Meitl, Zhengtao Zhu: Methods and devices for fabricating and assembling printable semiconductor elements. The Board of Trustees of the University of Illinois, Greenlee Winner and Sullivan P C, November 24, 2009: US07622367 (316 worldwide citation)

The invention provides methods and devices for fabricating printable semiconductor elements and assembling printable semiconductor elements onto substrate surfaces. Methods, devices and device components of the present invention are capable of generating a wide range of flexible electronic and optoe ...

Sanghoon Sull, Hyeokman Kim, Min Gyo Chung, Ja Cheon Yoon, Hyungseok Choi: System and method for indexing, searching, identifying, and editing portions of electronic multimedia files. VMark, Jones Day, Edward L Pencoske, November 24, 2009: US07624337 (188 worldwide citation)

A method and system are provided for tagging, indexing, searching, retrieving, manipulating, and editing video images on a wide area network such as the Internet. A first set of methods is provided for enabling users to add bookmarks to multimedia files, such as movies, and audio files, such as musi ...

Stephen J Brown: Remote health monitoring and maintenance system. Health Hero Network, Christopher P Maiorana PC, November 24, 2009: US07624028 (182 worldwide citation)

A system and method is described that enables a health care provider to monitor and manage a health condition of a patient. The system includes a health care provider apparatus operated by a health care provider and a remotely programmable patient apparatus that is operated by a patient. The health ...

Philip A Lisiecki, Cosmos Nicolaou, Kyle R Rose: Scalable, high performance and highly available distributed storage system for Internet content. Akamai Technologies, David H Judson, November 24, 2009: US07624169 (154 worldwide citation)

A method for content storage on behalf of participating content providers begins by having a given content provider identify content for storage. The content provider then uploads the content to a given storage site selected from a set of storage sites. Following upload, the content is replicated fr ...

Oren Globerman, Boaz Shenhav, Ronen Shavit: Expandable intervertebral spacer. Kyphon SARL, November 24, 2009: US07621950 (148 worldwide citation)

An expandable spacer, comprising: an axial tube having a surface, a proximal end and a distal end and a length, wherein, said surface defines a plurality of slits, said plurality of slits defining at least two axially displaced extensions, such that when said tube is axially compressed, said extensi ...

Tom Zito, Mark D Klein, Allan E Alcorn, Gary S Fletcher Jr: Detecting and measuring exposure to media content items. Integrated Media Measurement, Raubvogel Law Office, November 24, 2009: US07623823 (143 worldwide citation)

User exposure to media items is detected and measured. A mobile client device carried by a user digitally samples the audio environment of the user on a regular basis. These samples are transformed into a stream of data signatures and compared with reference media items to detect user exposure to th ...

Ian M Bennett: System and method for natural language processing of sentence based queries. Phoenix Solutions, PatentBest, Andrew McAleavey, November 24, 2009: US07624007 (138 worldwide citation)

Sentence based queries from a user are analyzed using a natural language engine to determine appropriate answers from an electronic database. The system and methods are useful for Internet based search engines, as well as distributed speech recognition systems such as a client-server system. The lat ...

Louis Anne De Montmorillon, Pieter Matthijsse, Pascale Nouchi, Denis Molin, Marianne Bigot Astruc, Pierre Sillard, Frans Gooijer, Ivo Flammer, Yves Lumineau: Single mode optical fiber. Draka Comteq, Summa Additon & Ashe P A, November 24, 2009: US07623747 (123 worldwide citation)

An optical transmission fiber includes a central core having an index difference Δn1 with an outer optical cladding; a first inner cladding having an index difference Δn2 with the outer cladding; and a second buried inner cladding having an index difference Δn3 with the outer cladding of less than − ...

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