Paul V Goode Jr, James H Brauker, Apurv U Kamath, Victoria Carr Brendel: System and methods for processing analyte sensor data. DexCom, Knobbe Martens Olson & Bear, October 6, 2009: US07599726 (473 worldwide citation)

Systems and methods for processing sensor analyte data, including initiating calibration, updating calibration, evaluating clinical acceptability of reference and sensor analyte data, and evaluating the quality of sensor calibration. During initial calibration, the analyte sensor data is evaluated o ...

John S Underkoffler, Kevin T Parent, Kwindla H Kramer: System and method for gesture based control system. Oblong, Courtney Staniford & Gregory, October 6, 2009: US07598942 (432 worldwide citation)

The system provides a gestural interface to various visually presented elements, presented on a display screen or screens. A gestural vocabulary includes ‘instantaneous’ commands, in which forming one or both hands into the appropriate ‘pose’ results in an immediate, one-time action; and ‘spatial’ c ...

Chad P Boudreaux, Stephen J Balek: End effector closure system for a surgical stapling instrument. Ethicon Endo Surgery, October 6, 2009: US07597229 (426 worldwide citation)

A surgical instrument including a closure system configured to move an anvil of an end effector between an open position, a partially closed position, and a closed position. The surgical instrument can further include a lock member configured to selectively engage and lock the closure system when th ...

Michael La Rotonda, Neal Sample, Paul Brody, Ellen Sue Perelman, Ericson DeJesus: Control for enabling a user to preview display of selected content based on another users authorization level. YAHOO, Darby & Darby PC, John W Branch, October 6, 2009: US07599935 (262 worldwide citation)

Enabling a first user to preview content as it would be seen by a second user, if the second user had a selected user relationship with the first user. The selected user relationship may include a relationship degree, a relationship category, a relationship rating, and/or other form of relationship. ...

David C Racenet, Ralph Stearns, John W Beardsley, Philip Roy, Lee Ann Olson: Surgical stapling device. Tyco Healthcare Group, October 6, 2009: US07597230 (245 worldwide citation)

A surgical device is disclosed which includes a handle portion, a central body portion and a SULU. The SULU includes a proximal body portion, an intermediate pivot member and a tool assembly. The intermediate pivot member is pivotally secured to the proximal body portion about a first pivot axis and ...

Mark Hunter, Bradley A Jascob, Laurent Verard, James Kelley: Navigation system for cardiac therapies. Medtronic Navigation, Harness Dickey, October 6, 2009: US07599730 (237 worldwide citation)

An image guided catheter navigation system for navigating a region of a patient includes an imaging device, a tracking device, a controller, and a display. The imaging device generates images of the region of the patient. The tracking device tracks the location of the catheter in the region of the p ...

William L Hassler Jr, Daniel F Dlugos Jr: Low frequency transcutaneous energy transfer to implanted medical device. Ethicon Endo Surgery, Frost Brown Todd, October 6, 2009: US07599743 (208 worldwide citation)

An implantable medical device system advantageously utilizes low frequency (e.g., about 1-100 kHz) transcutaneous energy transfer (TET) for supplying power from an external control module to an implantable medical device, avoiding power dissipation through eddy currents in a metallic case of an impl ...

Ihor A Lys, Frederick M Morgan, George G Mueller: Organic light emitting diode methods and apparatus. Philips Solid State Lighting Solutions, October 6, 2009: US07598686 (204 worldwide citation)

Organic light emitting diode (OLED) methods and apparatus in which at least one first OLED generates first radiation having a first spectrum, and at least one second OLED generates second radiation having a second spectrum different from the first spectrum. In one example, an addressable controller ...

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