Randy Ekl
Stephen L Kuffner, Ramy S Ayoub, John M Belcea, Gregory J Buchwald, Lynn D Dann, Mario F Derango, Lawrence M Ecklund, Randy L Ekl, Michael S Johnson, S David Silk: Communications system for exchanging spectrum sensing measurements through a drop box and method of using same. Motorola, Motorola, October 1, 2009: US20090245119-A1

A communications system and method for exchanging spectrum usage information through a drop box (100) includes one or more central stations (101) that defines a region of operation. A central drop box (102) is associated with the central station (101) for providing a database of spectrum usage infor ...

Craig Allen
Craig Allen Price: Bird decoy. Van Ophem & Vanophem PC, Remy J Vanophem PC, October 1, 2009: US20090241401-A1

A decoy, typically used for hunting fowl, having a hollow body including a head, a tail and a pair of feet. The decoy includes a pair of wings mounted to the body of the decoy for multi-axis movement. A drive mechanism typically including an electric motor and a power source is positioned within the ...


Sandeep Tyagi
Maiti Parnasree, Oberoi Sonia, Rai Roopali, Ramakrishnan Vaidyanath, Tyagi Sandeep: Polycarbonate nanocomposites. Sabic Innovative Plastics Ip, Maiti Parnasree, Oberoi Sonia, Rai Roopali, Ramakrishnan Vaidyanath, Tyagi Sandeep, DESIMONE Patricia S, October 1, 2009: WO/2009/120916

Polycarbonate nanocomposites comprising a polycarbonate matrix having non-oxidized metal nanoparticles dispersed therein are disclosed. The polycarbonate nanocomposite is produced by a process comprising forming a reaction mixture comprising a dihydroxy compound, an activated carbonate, a metal prec ...

Charles Sperry
Charles R Sperry, Suzanne M Scott, Dennis F McNamara JR, Vincent A Piucci JR, Michael J Schamel: Method and apparatus for making foam-in-place cushions with selective distribution of foam. Sealed Air Corporation, Alston & Bird, October 1, 2009: US20090243135-A1

A method and apparatus for making a foam-in-place cushion in which a foam-forming composition is dispensed between two plastic film portions in a predetermined fashion to selectively control the distribution of the foam in the cushion. A foam dispenser can be moved in a transverse direction as foam ...

Moody Hadi
Kevin Fallon, Ketan Patel, Moody Hadi, Suneel Iyer, Stephane Rio: Settlement pricing for centrally cleared swaps. Chicago Mercantile Exchange, Banner & Witcoff, Attorneys For Client No 006119, October 1, 2009: US20090248564-A1

Methods are provided to determine a settlement price for an over-the-counter exchange traded financial instrument. The method includes receiving swap curves from a plurality of market makers and identifying missing data points in the curves. A repair mode may be determined for curves identified as m ...

William H. Gates III
Gary W Flake, William H Gates III, Alexander G Gounares, W Daniel Hillis, Royce A Levien, Mark A Malamud, Craig J Mundie, Christopher D Payne, Richard F Rashid, Clarence T Tegreene, Charles Whitmer, Lowell L Wood JR: Systems for rewarding influences. Constellation Law Group PLLC, October 1, 2009: US20090248493-A1

The present disclosure relates generally to systems for rewarding influencers in a Web 2.0 environment. More specifically, in some implementations, a system is configured to assess an influence of an electronically-accessed content on an involvement between an accessor and a third party, and may als ...

Henry McKelvey, MIS
Henry A McKelvey, Rosa M Underwood, Umang A Patel: Systems and methods for monitoring, troubleshooting and/or controlling a digital television. Verizon Services, Verizon, Patent Management Group, October 1, 2009: US20090244290-A1

A system for monitoring, troubleshooting, controlling, calibrating and/or configuring a digital television is provided. The system includes a functionality module configured to perform one or more functions of a digital television. The system includes a testing module associated with the digital tel ...

Brian Hoffman
Brian D Hoffman, William C Nowlin: Controlling a robotic surgical tool with a display monitor. Intuitive Surgical, Patent Dept, Intuitive Surgical, October 1, 2009: US20090248036-A1

In one embodiment of the invention, a method for controlling a robotic surgical tool is disclosed. The method for controlling a robotic surgical tool includes moving a monitor displaying an image of a robotic surgical tool; sensing motion of the monitor; and translating the sensed motion of the moni ...

Dr Raj C Thiagarajan ATOA Scientific Technologies
Santhosh Kumar Rajendran, Vikash Kumar Sinha, Ravi Sriraman, Chinniah Thiagarajan, Rajappan Vetrivel: Polymeric foams with nanocellular morphology and methods for making them. Cantor Colburn, October 1, 2009: US20090247654-A1

A foamable polymeric composition can comprise a polymer, a blowing agent cage material, and a blowing agent. The blowing agent cage material is selected from the group consisting of zeolite imidazolate framework, metal organic framework, carbon cage structure, and combinations comprising at least on ...

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