WenJun Cao
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Apparatus and related methods are described for adjusting servo gain. In an exemplary apparatus, a circuit determines a bias force error that occurs between an estimated bias force and an actual bias force on an actuator during movement by a servo motor. The circuit adjusts a servo gain in response ...



Ammar Al Ali, Chris Schultz: Multiple wavelength sensor attachment. Masimo Laboratories, Knobbe Martens Olson & Bear, September 29, 2009: US07596398 (246 worldwide citation)

A physiological sensor is adapted to removably attach an emitter assembly and a detector assembly to a fingertip. The emitter assembly is adapted to transmit optical radiation having multiple wavelengths into fingertip tissue. The detector assembly is adapted to receive the optical radiation after a ...

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A storage subsystem includes a variable-size write buffer that temporarily stores write data received from a host system. The storage subsystem is capable of adjusting the size of the write buffer so as to vary both the performance (e.g., sustained write speed) of the storage subsystem and a risk of ...

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A system and method for developing, deploying, managing and monitoring a web application in a single environment is disclosed herein. The single environment is preferably an integrated development environment (“IDE”). The system and method preferably allows for deployment to a cloud provider, and pr ...

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The present invention provides systems and methods for extending media retention. Methods are provided in which a set of aging preferences are obtained. Data elements of a data set stored on storage media are evaluated against the aging preferences to determine whether each of the data elements sati ...

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A surgical implant suitable for treatment of hernias includes a mesh having a residual maximum mass density of 5O g/m. The mesh has strands forming spaces and the strands define filaments forming pores. The spaces and pores are sized to minimize foreign body mass for implantation and to encourage in ...

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A client terminal connectable to a video distribution system (VDS) and a display device. The VDS provides program guide information to create a program guide that includes program guide entries for subscribed channels and non-subscribed channels which is displayed on the display device. The client t ...

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A method and system for manufacturing a spacer layer in a magnetoresistive element are described. The spacer layer resides between a free layer and a pinned layer. The method and system include providing a first metallic layer and oxidizing the first metallic layer in a first environment including a ...