Park Sung Jun, Yi Seung June, Lee Young Dae, Chun Sung Duck: Method of performing uplink synchronization in random access procedure. LG Electronics, September 16, 2009: EP2101538-A2 (25 worldwide citation)

A method and device for performing uplink synchronization in a contention based random access procedure by a mobile communication terminal in communication with a base station. The method according to an embodiment includes transmitting a random access preamble message to the base station (820); rec ...

Giza Leszek, Padzinski Andrzej: Method and device for the self service charging of batteries and portable electronic devices. Chargee Sp Z O O, September 16, 2009: EP2101390-A2 (24 worldwide citation)

The subjects of the invention are self-service device for charging batteries and operating electronic devices and a method of a self-service device functioning for charging and operating of electronic device. More precisely, the solution concerns a device which uses network chargers recommended for ...


MILLIMAN KEITH L: [fr] Mécanisme de cliquet pour dispositif de pose dagrafes chirurgicales, [de] Ratschenmechanismus für chirurgische Klammervorrichtung, [en] Ratcheting mechanism for surgical stapling device. TYCO HEALTHCARE, September 16, 2009: EP2100561-A2 (20 worldwide citation)

[en] A surgical stapling device (10,1000) comprising a housing (1010) , an elongated portion (14,1020), an end effector (1030), and a movable handle (20,1040) disposed in mechanical cooperation with the housing (1010) and movable between a first open position and a second approximated position for a ...

SIMMONDS KEVIN JOHN, COOKSON MATTHEW, LEE DAMIAN HENRI, BROWN NATHAN CHARLES: [fr] Pulvérisateur, [de] Sprühdose, [en] Spray dispenser. DYSON TECHNOLOGY, September 16, 2009: EP2100623-A1 (18 worldwide citation)

[en] A spray dispenser (2) comprises a housing (4) and a nozzle (26). The housing (4) contains a reservoir (30) for storing liquid, an electrolytic cell (92) for receiving liquid from the reservoir and increasing the level of oxidative properties in the liquid, and a pump (70) for circulating fluid ...

Conrad Wayne E: Upright vacuum cleaner. Gbd, September 16, 2009: GB2458243-A (13 worldwide citation)

Several embodiments of an upright surface cleaning apparatus are disclosed. The surface cleaning apparatus has a first cyclonic cleaning stage and comprises a surface cleaning head having a dirty fluid inlet. A fluid flow path extends from the dirty fluid inlet to a clean air outlet of the upright s ...

Bercoff Jeremy, Cohen Bacrie Claude, Tanter Mickael, Fink Mathias, Montaldo Gabriel: Method and apparatus for ultrasound synthetic imaging. Supersonic Imagine, September 16, 2009: EP2101191-A2 (12 worldwide citation)

Method for ultrasound imaging comprising at least the following steps: a) a transmission step in which a plurality of ultrasonic waves are transmitted into an imaged region and a set of raw data is acquired by an array of transducers in response to each ultrasonic wave, the ultrasonic waves having d ...

SOUTER PHILIP FRANK: [fr] Composition de détergent de lave-vaisselle automatique, [de] Automatische Spülmaschinen-Tensidzusammensetzung, [en] Automatic dishwashing detergent composition. Procter & Gamble, September 16, 2009: EP2100949-A1 (12 worldwide citation)

[en] An automatic dishwashing detergent composition comprising: a. at least 0.1 mg of active protease per gram of composition, wherein the protease is a variant of a protease that has at least 70% identity with the amino acid sequence of SEQ ID NO:1. wherein said variant comprise variations in one o ...

BEHNKE ROBERT J, WHAM ROBERT H: [fr] Amélioration de facteur de crête dans des générateurs électro-chirurgicaux, [de] Crestfaktorverbesserung in elektrochirurgischen Generatoren, [en] Crest factor enhancement in electrosurgical generators. TYCO HEALTHCARE, September 16, 2009: EP2100566-A1 (11 worldwide citation)

[en] The present disclosure relates to an electrosurgical generator which includes a controller configured to generate a first pulse train having at least one first control pulse and at least one first reset pulse. The controller also includes a second pulse train having at least one second control ...


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