Charles Szmanda
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Underlying coating compositions are provided for use with an overcoated photoresist composition. In one aspect, the coating composition can be crosslinked and comprise one or more components that contain one or more acid-labile groups and/or one or more base-reactive groups that are reactive followi ...

Eb Eshun
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The invention is directed to an integrated circuit comb capacitor with capacitor electrodes that have an increased capacitance between neighboring capacitor electrodes as compared with other interconnects and via contacts formed in the same metal wiring level and at the same pitches. The invention a ...

Juseon Goo, Eunkee Hong, Hong Gun Kim, Kyu Tae Na: Methods of forming spin-on-glass insulating layers in semiconductor devices and associated semiconductor device. Samsung Electronics, Myers Bigel Sibley & Sajovec, September 8, 2009: US07585786 (7 worldwide citation)

Methods of forming an insulating layer in a semiconductor device are provided in which a metal oxide layer is formed on a semiconductor structure that includes a plurality of gap regions thereon. A spin-on-glass layer is formed on the metal oxide layer, and then the semiconductor structure is heated ...

Alain Cribier: Methods of implanting a prosthetic heart valve within a native heart valve. Edwards Lifesciences PVT, David L Hauser, September 8, 2009: US07585321 (359 worldwide citation)

A valve prosthesis which is especially useful in the case of aortic stenosis and capable of resisting the powerful recoil force and to stand the forceful balloon inflation performed to deploy the valve and to embed it in the aortic annulus, comprises a collapsible valvular structure and an expandabl ...

David Paul Felsher: Information record infrastructure, system and method. Milde & Hoffberg, September 8, 2009: US07587368 (169 worldwide citation)

A method of maintaining electronic medical records, comprising the steps of receiving a medical transaction record, encrypted with an encryption key relating to a patient association of the file, accessing the encrypted medical transaction record according to a patient association; and further encry ...

Weijian Mo, Augustinus Wilhelmus Maria Roes, Vijay Nair: Methods of cracking a crude product to produce additional crude products. Shell Oil Company, September 8, 2009: US07584789 (165 worldwide citation)

A method for producing a crude product is disclosed. Formation fluid is produced from a subsurface in situ heat treatment process. The formation fluid is separated to produce a liquid stream and a first gas stream. The first gas stream includes olefins. The liquid stream is fractionated to produce o ...

Michael L Green, Joseph C Tauro, Bart Bojanowski: System and method for attaching soft tissue to bone. KFx Medical Corporation, Knobbe Martens Olson & Bear, September 8, 2009: US07585311 (164 worldwide citation)

Disclosed herein are methods and devices for securing soft tissue to a rigid material such as bone. A bone anchor is described that comprises a base and a top such that suture material may be compressed between surfaces on the base and top to secure the suture to the anchor. Also described is an ins ...


Glen R Cataline, William Smith Rielly, Mark Robert Sheehan, William Scott Wallace: System and method for optimized funding of electronic transactions. JPMorgan Chase Bank N A, Hunton & Williams, September 8, 2009: US07587363 (144 worldwide citation)

The invention provides systems and methods for managing transactions. The system includes a data input portion that communicates first information regarding a payment request, as well as a decision reference data store for communicating second information regarding parameters for use in determining ...

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A set of moisture proof floorboards and a flooring of such floorboards with a resilient surface layer provided with a decorative groove and/or a sealing means.