Randy Ekl
Randy L Ekl, Anthony R Metke: Method of reliable multicasting. Motorola, Indira Saladi, Anthony P Curtis, July 14, 2009: US07561599 (5 worldwide citation)

A method for providing reliable multicasting is described. A transmitted multicast packet is received at second devices, each of which in response transmits a first acknowledgement. If a second acknowledgement, which acknowledges the first acknowledgement, is not received within a predetermined time ...

Dr. Jill S. Becker
Roy G Gordon, Seigi Suh, Jill Becker: Vapor deposition of tungsten nitride. President and Fellows of Harvard College, Wilmer Cutler Pickering Hale & Dorr, July 14, 2009: US07560581 (4 worldwide citation)

Tungsten nitride films were deposited on heated substrates by the reaction of vapors of tungsten bis(alkylimide)bis(dialkylamide) and a Lewis base or a hydrogen plasma. For example, vapors of tungsten bis(tert-butylimide)bis(dimethylamide) and ammonia gas supplied in alternate doses to surfaces heat ...

Steven Jobs
Jeffrey L Robbin, Steve Jobs, Timothy Wasko, Greg Christie, Imran Chaudhri: Graphical user interface and methods of use thereof in a multimedia player. Apple, July 14, 2009: US07560637 (32 worldwide citation)

In a portable multimedia device, a method, apparatus, and system for providing user supplied configuration data are described. In one embodiment, a hierarchically ordered graphical user interface is provided. A first order, or home, interface provides a highest order of user selectable items each of ...

Sanjay Kotha
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A multifunctional particulate material, fluid, or composition includes a predetermined amount of core particles with a plurality of coatings. The core particles have an average particle size of about 1 nm to 500 μm. The particulate material, fluid, or composition is capable of exhibiting one or more ...

Kenneth S Wales, Chad P Boudreaux: Surgical instrument incorporating a fluid transfer controlled articulation mechanism. Ethicon Endo Surgery, Frost Brown Todd, July 14, 2009: US07559450 (483 worldwide citation)

A surgical instrument particularly suited to endoscopic use articulates an end effector by including a fluid transfer articulation mechanism that is proximally controlled. A fluid control, which is attached to a proximal portion, transfers fluid through the elongate shaft through a first fluid passa ...

Kenneth S Wales, Frederick E Shelton IV: Surgical instrument having fluid actuated opposing jaws. Ethicon Endo Surgery, Frost Brown Todd, July 14, 2009: US07559452 (433 worldwide citation)

A surgical stapling and severing instrument enables minimally invasive surgical procedures by having upper and lower jaws (i.e., anvil and staple channel) that are positioned with an elongate shaft and handle through surgical openings, and in particular through a cannula of a trocar. A pair of fluid ...

Roger A de la Torre, Matthew P LaConte: Surgical fastener apparatus and reinforcing material. TowerTech Research Group, Thompson Coburn, Joseph M Rolnicki, July 14, 2009: US07559937 (296 worldwide citation)

A surgical fastener apparatus is provided with a reinforcement material holder, where the holder positions a sheet of reinforcement material adjacent body tissue that is sutured by a plurality of surgical staples dispensed by the apparatus.

Thierry Oggier, Michael Lehmann, Bernhard Buttgen: Highly sensitive, fast pixel for use in an image sensor. MESA Imaging, Houston Eliseeva, July 14, 2009: US07560701 (287 worldwide citation)

The pixel (1) for use in an image sensor comprises a plurality of small-sized radiation-sensitive elements (2.1-2.9) for converting incident radiation into electric signals, the radiation-sensitive elements (2.1-2.9) being properly interconnected to form a larger radiation-sensitive area. The pixel ...

Kenneth Schofield, Mark L Larson, Keith J Vadas: Vehicular vision system. Donnelly Corporation, Van Dyke Gardner Linn & Burkhart, July 14, 2009: US07561181 (221 worldwide citation)

A vehicle vision system includes a vehicle having first and second spatially separated image capture sensors. The first image capture device has a first field of view haying a first field of view portion at least partially overlapping a field of view portion of a second field of view of the second i ...

Frank J Viola: Energy stored in spring with controlled release. Tyco Healthcare Group, July 14, 2009: US07559449 (205 worldwide citation)

There is provided a surgical instrument including a handle having an elongated tubular member extending distally from the handle and one or more end effectors mounted on the distal end of the elongate tubular member. A driver is movably mounted within the handle and elongate tubular member in order ...