David Tang
David Tang: Unstacking apparatus and method for placing a sheet of glass from an upright glass stack into a tiltable glass frame. David Tang, June 23, 2009: US07549833 (6 worldwide citation)

An apparatus and method for automatically placing a sheet of glass in a glass frame. The apparatus includes a frame, a carriage, a first gripper, and a second gripper. The carriage is movably mounted to the frame to automatically move between a first position where the carriage is by a stack of glas ...

Rajiv Banavali
Rajiv Manohar Banavali, Gregory C Pierce: Method for esterification of free fatty acids in triglycerides. Rohm and Haas Company, Kenneth Crimaldi, June 23, 2009: US07550614 (3 worldwide citation)

A method for esterification of free fatty acids in triglycerides, with C1-C8 aliphatic alcohols. The method uses an acidic ion exchange resin as a catalyst. The catalyst is contacted with a reaction mixture containing a triglyceride having at least 1% free fatty acids and a C1-C8 aliphatic alcohol u ...


Chad P Boudreaux: Surgical stapling instrument with an articulating end effector. Ethicon Endo Surgery, June 23, 2009: US07549564 (584 worldwide citation)

A surgical instrument including a shaft assembly and an end effector, where the end effector can be moved relative to the shaft assembly. The shaft assembly can include a lock member selectively engageable with the end effector to limit, or prevent, relative movement therebetween. In at least one em ...

Michael T Mather, Michael L Kruszynski, Richard F Schwemberger, Michael A Parker: Rotating curved cutter stapler. Ethicon Endo Surgery, Welsh & Flaxman, June 23, 2009: US07549563 (325 worldwide citation)

A rotating surgical stapler having a proximal end and a distal end includes a handle at the proximal end and an end effector at the distal end for selective rotation to improve access to tissue requiring treatment and ease of use of the present linear surgical stapler. A support shaft connects the h ...

Jeffrey Dean Lindsay: Security systems for protecting an asset. Jeff Lindsay, June 23, 2009: US07552467 (264 worldwide citation)

Security systems for protecting assets are described, including password-based security systems that can provide different levels of access responsive to entry of a primary or secondary password. In some versions, user-configurable security rules can provide customized responses to entry of primary ...

Marcus Braun: Surgical instrument comprising an instrument handle and zero point adjustment. Tuebingen Scientific Surgical Product, Arent Fox, June 23, 2009: US07549998 (237 worldwide citation)

relates to a surgical instrument comprising an instrument handle (1) linked to a proximal end portion of a tube shaft (2) to the distal end portion of which an instrument head (4) is linked so as to be bendable, in which instrument head an effector (3) including at least one pivotal engaging element ...

Jyoti Raju, J J Garcia Luna Aceves, Bradley R Smith: System and method for information object routing in computer networks. Adara Networks, Blakely Sokoloff Taylor & Zafman, June 23, 2009: US07552233 (211 worldwide citation)

An address of a server that should supply an information object or service to a requester is returned in response to a request therefor. The address of the server that is returned is an optimal server selected according to specified performance metrics. The specified performance metrics may include ...

Harold J Vinegar, George Leo Stegemeier: Solution mining and heating by oxidation for treating hydrocarbon containing formations. Shell Oil Company, June 23, 2009: US07549470 (196 worldwide citation)

A method for treating an oil shale formation comprising nahcolite includes providing a first fluid to a portion of the formation. A second fluid is produced from the portion. The second fluid includes at least some nahcolite dissolved in the first fluid. A controlled amount of oxidant is provided to ...

Ihor A Lys, Frederick M Morgan: Controlled lighting methods and apparatus. Philips Solid State Lighting Solutions, Joseph Teja Jr, June 23, 2009: US07550931 (168 worldwide citation)

Described herein are lighting units of a variety of types and configurations, including linear lighting units suitable for lighting large spaces, such as building exteriors and interiors. Also provided herein are methods and systems for powering lighting units, controlling lighting units, authoring ...