Deodatta Shenai-Khatkhate
Deodatta Vinayak Shenai Khatkhate, Qing Min Wang: Organometallic compounds. Rohm and Haas Electronic Materials, S Matthew Cairns, June 16, 2009: US07547631 (4 worldwide citation)

Organometallic compounds containing a phosphoamidinate ligand are provided. Such compounds are particularly suitable for use as vapor deposition precursors. Also provided are methods of depositing thin films, such as by ALD and CVD, using such compounds.


Ann M Bauman, Stuart E Broyles, Jerald M Crawley, John R Daugherty, Norman Pih: Circular stapler buttress. Gore Enterprise Holdings, Bridget C Sciamanna, June 16, 2009: US07547312 (463 worldwide citation)

A buttress for use with circular surgical staplers that does not require adhesive to securely fasten the buttress to the stapler. Following cutting and stapling by the circular stapler, the buttress has an adaptive opening through its central region with a diameter smaller than the outer diameter of ...

Keith L Milliman, Bruce K Jankowski, Douglas J Cuny, Kevin Sniffin, Anthony Dato, Richard D Gresham: Pivoting anvil assembly for surgical stapling device. Tyco Healthcare Group, June 16, 2009: US07546940 (425 worldwide citation)

A surgical stapling device is disclosed for performing circular anastomoses. The surgical stapling device includes a handle portion, an elongated body portion and a head portion including an anvil assembly and a shell assembly. The anvil assembly includes a tiltable anvil which will tilt automatical ...

Jorey Ramer, Adam Soroca, Dennis Doughty: Contextual mobile content placement on a mobile communication facility. The Webb Law Firm, June 16, 2009: US07548915 (372 worldwide citation)

In embodiments of the present invention improved capabilities are described for displaying mobile content in association with a website on a mobile communication facility based at least in part on receiving a website request from a mobile carrier gateway, receiving contextual information relating to ...

Andrew C Hayes, John J Mastrototaro, Sheldon B Moberg, John C Mueller Jr, H Bud Clark, Mike Charles Vallet Tolle, Gary L Williams, Bihong Wu, Garry M Steil: Algorithm sensor augmented bolus estimator for semi-closed loop infusion system. Medtronic MiniMed, June 16, 2009: US07547281 (262 worldwide citation)

An infusion system is for infusing a fluid into the body of a patient. The infusion system includes at least one sensor for monitoring blood glucose concentration of the patient and an infusion device for delivering fluid to the patient. The sensor produces at least one sensor signal input. The infu ...

Ronald D Adams, Roy H Sullivan III, George A Nunez, Lauren O Main, Peter K Kratsch, Jurgen A Kortenbach, Matt Solar, Gerhard F Buess, Marc O Schurr: Method and device for full thickness resectioning of an organ. Boston Scientific Scimed, Fay Kaplun & Marcin, June 16, 2009: US07546939 (245 worldwide citation)

Described is a full-thickness resection system which includes a control unit coupled to a proximal end of a flexible endoscope. The control unit remains outside of a body when the stapling head is in an operative position within a body lumen. The control unit includes (i) an anvil actuator coupled t ...

Stephane Kasriel, Xavier Casanova, Walter Mann: Predictive pre-download of a network object. Digital River, North Oaks Patent Agency, Shawn B Dempster, June 16, 2009: US07548947 (233 worldwide citation)

A method for enabling pre-downloading of network objects to a web client from a web server is described. The method includes intercepting at a device a request from a web client to a web server for a first network object. The same device intercepts a response to the request from the web server. The ...

Jong Hwae Lee, Jae Hong Hur: Reflective type liquid crystal display device and fabrication method thereof. LG Display LCD, McKenna Long & Aldridge, June 16, 2009: US07548291 (173 worldwide citation)

The present invention provides a reflective type liquid crystal display device and fabricating method thereof, by which resolution is enhanced in a manner of representing two colors from one sub-pixel. The present invention includes a first substrate having a plurality of thin film transistors and a ...

Jon D Pulsipher: Communication-prompted user assistance. Microsoft Corporation, Woodcock Washburn, June 16, 2009: US07548895 (144 worldwide citation)

Communications are monitored for user intentions related to user tasks such as meeting scheduling and the like 308. When an intention (e.g. mention of a meeting) is determined from the communications, candidate task actions (e.g., scheduling meeting) are initiated and/or stored 310. At an appropriat ...