Katherina Babich
Scott D Allen, Katherina E Babich, Steven J Holmes, Arpan P Mahorowala, Dirk Pfeiffer, Richard Stephan Wise: Techniques for patterning features in semiconductor devices. International Business Machines Corporation, Daniel P Morris Esq, Ryan Mason & Lewis, June 9, 2009: US07545041 (2 worldwide citation)

Techniques for semiconductor processing are provided. In one aspect, a method for patterning one or more features in a semiconductor device comprises the following step. At least one critical dimension of the one or more features is reduced during etching of the antireflective material. A lithograph ...

Steven Jobs
Steve Sprang, Steven P Jobs, Roger Rosner: Dynamic guides. Apple, Schwegman Lundberg & Woessner P A, June 9, 2009: US07545392 (11 worldwide citation)

A system, method, and apparatus that, in some embodiments, displays one or more guides when a selected object moves into a particular alignment with one or more other objects is described. The one or more guides may be used to align the objects in relation to one another. In this way, the screen is ...


Kerry D Brown, David Kevin Pariseau, Daniel Chatelain: Automated payment card fraud detection and location. QSecure, Richard B Main, June 9, 2009: US07543739 (206 worldwide citation)

A payment card fraud detection business model comprises an internal virtual account number generator and a user display for Card-Not-Present transactions. Card-Present transactions with merchant card readers are enabled by a magnetic array internally associated with the card's magnetic stripe. The i ...

Anthony Albert, Kyle Kawamura, Keith Haycock, Conrad Herrmann: System and methodology for security policy arbitration. Check Point Software Technologies, John A Smart, June 9, 2009: US07546629 (203 worldwide citation)

A system providing methods for a device to apply a security policy required for connection to a network is described. In response to receipt of a request from a device for connection to a particular network, a current policy to apply to said device for governing the connection to this particular net ...

Anand Prahlad, Jeremy Schwartz: Systems and methods for performing storage operations using network attached storage. CommVault Systems, Knobbe Martens Olson & Bear, June 9, 2009: US07546324 (196 worldwide citation)

Systems and methods for performing hierarchical storage operations on electronic data in a computer network are provided. In one embodiment, the present invention may store electronic data from a network device to a network attached storage (NAS) device pursuant to certain storage criteria. The data ...

William E Cohn: Method and apparatus for resecting and replacing an aortic valve. Medtronic, Mike Jaro, Jeffrey J Hohenshell, June 9, 2009: US07544206 (165 worldwide citation)

A method and apparatus for delivering a device to a given location within a heart, the method and apparatus being adapted for: passing a first catheter through the left atrium of the heart, through the mitral valve and into the left ventricle, and passing a second catheter through the aorta toward t ...

Jennifer A Healey, Rafah A Hosn, Stephane Herman Maes, Thiruvilvama Lai V Raman, Alpana Tiwari: Methods and systems for authoring of mixed-initiative multi-modal interactions and related browsing mechanisms. International Business Machines Corporation, Anne V Dougherty, Ryan Mason & Lewis, June 9, 2009: US07546382 (163 worldwide citation)

Application authoring techniques, and information browsing mechanisms associated therewith, which employ programming in association with mixed-initiative multi-modal interactions and natural language understanding for use in dialog systems. Also, a conversational browsing architecture is provided fo ...

Sydney Brenner: Nucleic acid analysis using sequence tokens. Population Genetics Technologies, Bozicevic Field & Francis, David C Scherer, June 9, 2009: US07544473 (127 worldwide citation)

The present invention provides methods and compositions for tagging nucleic acid sequence fragments, e.g., a set of nucleic acid sequence fragments from a single genome, with one or more unique members of a collection of oligonucleotide tags, or sequence tokens, which, in turn, can be identified usi ...

Stephen G Rayment, Biswajit Nandy, Tricci Yuk Ying So: Mobile station traffic routing. BelAir Networks, Brinks Hofer Gilson & Lione, June 9, 2009: US07545782 (127 worldwide citation)

Devices, networks and methods relating to routing gateway traffic in a mesh network for wireless access. A mesh network has multiple nodes in at least one gateway node through which all incoming and outgoing data traffic pass through. The nodes provide wireless access to wireless and user devices, e ...

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