Daniel Berian John, Gracey Benjamin Patrick: Process for the conversion of hydrocarbons into alcohol. Bp, May 20, 2009: EP2060553-A1 (149 worldwide citation)

The present invention relates to a process for the conversion of a carbonaceous feedstock to ethanol; wherein the carbonaceous feedstock is first converted to ethanoic acid, which is then hydrogenated and converted into ethanol.

Daniel Berian John, Gracey Benjamin Patrick: Process for the production of alcohol from a carbonaceous feedstock. Bp, May 20, 2009: EP2060555-A1 (120 worldwide citation)

The present invention relates to a process for the production of ethanol from a carbonaceous feedstock; wherein the carbonaceous feedstock is first converted to synthesis gas which is then converted to ethanoic acid, which is then esterified and which is then hydrogenated to produce ethanol.

Hensler Ewald: Coagulation instrument. Hensler Ewald, May 20, 2009: EP2060238-A1 (48 worldwide citation)

Coagulating electrodes (20) have a heat-conducting channel (30). Filled with silver and added to form the heat-conducting channel in the core of the coagulating electrodes, a recess (32) extends through a working surface (25) and a shank (27) on a coagulating electrode. The capacity of the recess in ...

Simonazzi Giuseppe: Upgraded photovoltaic system. Meta System, May 20, 2009: EP2061088-A2 (47 worldwide citation)

The upgraded photovoltaic system comprises at least a photovoltaic cell, a management unit suitable for distributing and/or storing the electricity generated by photovoltaic effect by the photovoltaic cell, a power line connecting the management unit to the photovoltaic cell, and a monitoring unit s ...

Blasberg Peter, Koehler Matthias, Rasch Menges Juergen, Remde Axel, Heiniger Hanspeter, Mouline Blasise: Medical injection device having data input means and a pivotable display. Hoffmann La Roche, Roche Diagnostics, May 20, 2009: EP2060284-A1 (43 worldwide citation)

Device for the self-administration of liquid drugs in adjustable doses, the device being designed to be held in a hand for drug administration, the device comprising: a) a dosing module and an electronics module, the electronics module comprising: data entry means (10), the data entry means (10) bei ...

Islam M Khaledul, Wirtanen Jeff, Suzuki Takashi, Young Gordon, Arzelier Claude: Method and apparatus for state/mode transitioning. Res In Motion, May 20, 2009: EP2061192-A1 (40 worldwide citation)

A method and apparatus for transitioning states or modes on a user equipment, the method having the steps of receiving, at a network element, a transition indication; checking a radio resource profile for the user equipment; and making a transitioning decision at the network element based on the rec ...

Velazquez Felix E, Dwyer Michael D, Thornberry John W: Apparatus and method for monitoring the stability of a construction machine. Honeywell Int, May 20, 2009: EP2060530-A1 (33 worldwide citation)

Systems and methods for monitoring the stability of a construction machine (10) are provided. A gyroscope (42) is configured to detect an angle of inclination (100) of the construction machine (10) relative to a vertical axis (102) and generate an inclination signal representative thereof. A process ...

Fabrykowski Grzegorz, Gralewski Sek Grzegorz Konrad, Klak Robert Tomasz, Polus Joanna Maria, Sokolowski Bartlomiej, Tosik Grzegorz: Modular separating box for light guides and a system of modular separating boxes for light guides. Corning Cable Systems Polska S, May 20, 2009: EP2060942-A2 (33 worldwide citation)

A modular separating box for light guides having a receiving chamber, and/or a sending chamber, and/or a connection chamber enclosed by individual doors is disclosed. The modular separating box has at least one wall with at least one movable plate. The modular separating box also has at least one co ...

Yokayama Yoshimasa: Printer. Casio Computer, May 20, 2009: EP2059396-A1 (33 worldwide citation)

A size-reduced printer that conveys a recording sheet in a circulating manner along a ring-like conveyance path while printing a plurality of images on the recording sheet in different colors sequentially in a superimposed manner, thereby forming a full color image. When a ribbon cassette that conta ...

Vymenets Leonid Leon, Hosein Safiyya, Ng Oliver: User interface for touchscreen device. Res In Motion, May 20, 2009: EP2060970-A1 (27 worldwide citation)

A free-flowing user interface for a touchscreen device of a mobile electronic device provides touch-sensitive application icons and a touch-sensitive hotspot having an optional activation radius surrounding the hotspot. A user can launch a selected application by touching the hotspot and then touchi ...