John Yamamoto Rajiv Banavali
Rajiv Manohar Banavali, Randall Wayne Stephens, John Hiroshi Yamamoto: Preparation of MnB12H12. Rohm And Haas Company, May 7, 2009: US20090118526-A1

A method for producing MnB12H12, wherein M is a metal or ammonium cation and n is one or two, by combining a metal borohydride and XBH3; wherein X is a substituted amine; a substituted phosphine; or tetrahydrofuran.

Bhawna Kulshreshtha Sandeep Tyagi
Tyagi Sandeep, Anand Vishal, Kulshreshtha Bhawna, Preschilla Nisha, Venkateswaran Natarajan, Biswas Amit: Polyolefin composition having high melt strength. Reliance, Tyagi Sandeep, Anand Vishal, Kulshreshtha Bhawna, Preschilla Nisha, Venkateswaran Natarajan, Biswas Amit, MADAN Jose A, May 7, 2009: WO/2009/057131

The invention relates to filled polyolefin compositions having improved mechanical and surface properties and to a process for preparing them. The invention provides a composition of polyolefin reinforced with filler(s), impact modifier(s) and a fibrous sub micron structured material, the compositio ...

Sandeep Tyagi
Bhat Shrikant, Rai Roopali, Krishnamurthy Sriram, Tyagi Sandeep, Volkers Andries Andriaan: Thermoplastic compositions, method of manufacture, and articles therefrom. Sabic Innovative Plastics Ip, Bhat Shrikant, Rai Roopali, Krishnamurthy Sriram, Tyagi Sandeep, Volkers Andries Andriaan, May 7, 2009: WO/2009/057025

A thermoplastic composition comprising, based on the total weight of the thermoplastic composition, from 0.1 to 30 weight percent of an inorganic filler composition comprising an inorganic filler-polyorganosiloxane composite; up to 80 weight percent of a polycarbonate; and from 1 to 25 weight percen ...

Belgacem Haba Belgacem (Bel) Haba
Belgacem Haba, Vage Oganesian, Kimitaka Endo: Robust multi-layer wiring elements and assemblies with embedded microelectronic elements. Tessera, Tessera, LERNER DAVID et al, May 7, 2009: US20090115047-A1

An interconnect element 130 can include a dielectric layer 116 having a top face 116b and a bottom face 116a remote from the top face, a first metal layer defining a plane extending along the bottom face and a second metal layer extending along the top face. One of the first or second metal layers, ...

Gerald N Nkwantah
Xuequn Hu, Pradnya V Nagarkar, Gerald N Nkwantah, Michael K Gerlach, James P Dizio, Gregg S Cannavo: Optical element having optical adhesive layer and polarizer. 3M Innovative Properties Company, Oliff & Berridge, May 7, 2009: US20090117378-A1

An optical element includes a polarizer having oriented vinylene segments; a substrate; and an adhesive layer disposed between the polarizer and the substrate, the adhesive layer comprising aliphatic urethane(meth)acrylate oligomer, (meth)acryl monomer, silane, and crosslinker, the crosslinker compr ...

Eugene Fitzgerald
Yu Bai, Minjoo L Lee, Eugene A Fitzgerald: Tensile strained ge for electronic and optoelectronic applications. Gauthier & Connors, May 7, 2009: US20090114902-A1

A semiconductor structure is provided. The semiconductor structure includes one or more III-IV material-based semiconductor layers. A tensile-strained Ge layer is formed on the one or more a III-IV material-based semiconductor layers. The tensile-strained Ge layer is produced through lattice-mismatc ...

Watanabe Tomohiro, Abe Katsumi, Hayashi Susumu: Thin-film transistor, its manufacturing method, and display device. Canon, May 7, 2009: JP2009-099847 (117 worldwide citation)

PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide an a-IGZO-based thin-film transistor further stable against electrical stress, and to provide a display device using the same.SOLUTION: The thin-film transistor has an active layer formed of an amorphous oxide prepared by containing In and Zn. In the thin-film transi ...

Kohler Ross A, Mcpartland Richard J, Werner Wayne E: Systematic error correction for multi-level flash memory. Agere Systems, Kohler Ross A, Mcpartland Richard J, Werner Wayne E, MENDELSOHN Steve, May 7, 2009: WO/2009/058140 (87 worldwide citation)

In accordance with exemplary embodiments, a multi-level flash memory employs error correction of systematic errors when reading multi-level flash memory. Error correction includes i) detection of each systematic error, ii) feedback of the systematic error to circuitry within the memory, and iii) sub ...

Nathan Arokia, Chaji G Reza: High aperture ratio pixel layout for display device. Ignis Innovation, Nathan Arokia, Chaji G Reza, HARRIS John D, May 7, 2009: WO/2009/055920 (86 worldwide citation)

A display device, pixel layout and method of forming the same is provided. The display device includes: a plurality of pixels formed in a pixel array area; and a power supply grid for distributing power to the pixels. Each pixel has a light emitting device and a plurality of transistors. The power s ...

Liu Yuxin, Chang Nelson Liang An: Interactive display system with collaborative gesture detection. Hewlett Packard Development Company, Liu Yuxin, Chang Nelson Liang An, LEHMANN Eileen A, May 7, 2009: WO/2009/059065 (81 worldwide citation)

An interactive content delivery system (10) includes means for displaying visual content (20) to a group of individuals (14), means for detecting a collective gesture (12) of the group, and a control system (26), coupled to the means for displaying visual content (20) and the means for detecting a c ...