Eb Eshun
Douglas D Coolbaugh, Timothy J Dalton, Daniel C Edelstein, Ebenezer E Eshun, Jeffrey P Gambino, Kevin S Petrarca, Anthony K Stamper, Richard P Volant: Planar vertical resistor and bond pad resistor and related method. International Business Machines Corporation, Hoffman Warnick, Lisa Jaklitsch, May 5, 2009: US07528048 (4 worldwide citation)

Resistors that avoid the problems of miniaturization of semiconductor devices and a related method are disclosed. In one embodiment, a resistor includes a planar resistor material that extends vertically within at least one metal layer of a semiconductor device. In another embodiment, a resistor inc ...

yuan xing Lee
Yuan Xing Lee, Morishi Izumita: Permuting MTR code with ECC without need for second MTR code. Hitachi Global Storage Technologies Netherlands, Townsend and Townsend and Crew, Patrick Duncan, May 5, 2009: US07530003 (13 worldwide citation)

Embodiments of the present invention provide techniques for generating MTR codes with ECC without the use of a second MTR code, while still satisfying the specified constraint. In one embodiment, a system for processing data comprises a maximum transition run or timing-varying maximum transition run ...

Marc Van Damme
Paul Callant, Marc Van Damme: Photopolymerizable composition. Agfa Graphics, Leydig Voit & Mayer, May 5, 2009: US07527916 (2 worldwide citation)

A composition that is photopolymerizable upon absorption of light in the wavelength range from 300 to 450 nm, the composition comprising a binder, a polymerizable compound, a sensitizer and a photoinitiator, characterized in that the sensitizer is an optical brightening agent having a solubility in ...


Tsu Jae King, Victor Moroz: Integrated circuit on corrugated substrate. Synopsys, Bever Hoffman & Harms, Jeanette S Harms, May 5, 2009: US07528465 (226 worldwide citation)

By forming MOSFETs on a substrate having pre-existing ridges of semiconductor material (i.e., a “corrugated substrate”), the resolution limitations associated with conventional semiconductor manufacturing processes can be overcome, and high-performance, low-power transistors can be reliably and repe ...

Anand Prahlad, David Ngo, Prakash Varadharajan, Rahual Pawar, Avinash Kumar: System and method for performing a snapshot and for restoring data. CommVault Systems, Perkins Coie, May 5, 2009: US07529782 (218 worldwide citation)

The present invention relates to a method for tracking a plurality of snapshots of an information store. The present invention comprises performing a first snapshot of an information store that indexes the contents of the information store, copying the contents of the information store to a first st ...

Toshiharu Furukawa, Mark C Hakey, Steven J Holmes, David V Horak, Charles W Koburger III: Accessible chip stack and process of manufacturing thereof. International Business Machines Corporation, Scully Scott Murphy & Presser P C, Joseph Petrokaitis Esq, May 5, 2009: US07528494 (174 worldwide citation)

A process of manufacturing a three-dimensional integrated circuit chip or wafer assembly and, more particularly, a processing of chips while arranged on a wafer prior to orienting the chips into stacks. Also disclosed is the manufacture of the three-dimensional integrated circuit wherein the chip de ...

Ji Rong Wen, Yan Feng Sun, Wei Ying Ma, Zaiqing Nie, Renkuan Jiang: Information classification paradigm. May 5, 2009: US07529748 (165 worldwide citation)

A mechanism to classify source documents into one of two categories, either likely to contain desired information or unlikely to contain desired information. Generally some form of rules based classification in conjunction with deeper analysis using advanced techniques on difficult cases is utilized ...

Billy John McKinzie, Harold J Vinegar, Kenneth Michael Cowan, Wolfgang Friedrich Johann Deeg, Sau Wai Wong: Double barrier system for an in situ conversion process. Shell Oil Company, May 5, 2009: US07527094 (155 worldwide citation)

A barrier system for a subsurface treatment area is described. The barrier system includes a first barrier formed around at least a portion of the subsurface treatment area. The first barrier is configured to inhibit fluid from exiting or entering the subsurface treatment area. A second barrier is f ...

David Greg Anderson, Christopher W Sicvol, George Joseph Ross, Sean P Selover, Ramon Alberto Ruberte: Methods and devices for minimally invasive spinal fixation element placement. DePuy Spine, Nutter McClennen & Fish, May 5, 2009: US07527638 (147 worldwide citation)

Minimally invasive methods and devices for introducing a spinal fixation element into a surgical site in a patient's spinal column are provided. In general, the method involves advancing a spinal fixation element in a first, lengthwise orientation along a pathway extending from a minimally invasive ...