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A test chart (120) is recorded on a recording medium (16) by means of a line head (12K, 12C, 12M, 12Y) having a plurality of recording elements (53) by causing the plurality of recording elements (53) to perform recording operation while moving the recording medium (16) and the line head (12K, 12C, ...

Kim Yu Sun: Dual-sim mobile terminal and operation method for the same. Samsung Electronics, April 1, 2009: EP2043395-A1 (5 worldwide citation)

A dual-SIM mobile terminal and operation method for the same are disclosed. The dual-SIM mobile terminal checks the number of installed SIM cards during booting, and activates and deactivates the SIM switching mode according to the identified SIM card information. The operation method includes: dete ...

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The invention provides a photo-curable composition that addresses degradation in dispersibility caused by the use of a pigment, and has good color tone and high light fastness. The photo-curable composition includes: a polymerizable compound; a polymerization initiator; and a dye represented by Form ...

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The subject matter of the invention is a modular image display intended for presentation of text images, text and graphic images or graphic images of an information and advertising character, especially in public utility places. The modular image display possesses, in each module (1), luminous eleme ...

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A transmission device uses transmission delay time of reciprocation with the terminal and time information of the transmission device to create a correction value of time information of the terminal and transmits it to the terminal. The terminal includes expected arrival time information based on th ...

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A post anchor (1) comprising a shaft (2) to which is fixed at least one stabilising element (4, 14) wherein the anchor post (1) is configured to resist rotational movement.

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Method and systems for protecting data on a mobile handset when remotely activated by a user involve encrypting the data using an encryption key, storing the encrypted data, and deleting the non-encrypted data along with the encryption key. Data may also be uploaded to a server to via a cellular dat ...

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The present invention provides means for effectively reducing the amount of data by means of de-duplication in a disk array apparatus having a data guarantee code. A control means for the disk array apparatus that adds a data guarantee code to each logical data block and checks the data guarantee co ...

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This storage device performs deduplication of eliminating duplicated data by storing a logical address of one or more corresponding logical unit memory areas in a prescribed management information storage area of a physical unit memory area defined in the storage area provided by the flash memory ch ...

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Die Erfindung betrifft einen Vliesstoff, umfassend Fasern aus einem Faserrohmaterial, wobei die Fasern mit einer biologisch aktiven Substanz ausgerĂ¼stet sind und die biologisch aktive Substanz in den Fasern verteilt ist. Die Erfindung betrifft auch ein Rotationsspinnverfahren zur Herstellung des Vli ...