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A transmission device uses transmission delay time of reciprocation with the terminal and time information of the transmission device to create a correction value of time information of the terminal and transmits it to the terminal. The terminal includes expected arrival time information based on th ...

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A post anchor (1) comprising a shaft (2) to which is fixed at least one stabilising element (4, 14) wherein the anchor post (1) is configured to resist rotational movement.

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Method and systems for protecting data on a mobile handset when remotely activated by a user involve encrypting the data using an encryption key, storing the encrypted data, and deleting the non-encrypted data along with the encryption key. Data may also be uploaded to a server to via a cellular dat ...

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Die Erfindung betrifft einen Vliesstoff, umfassend Fasern aus einem Faserrohmaterial, wobei die Fasern mit einer biologisch aktiven Substanz ausgerĂ¼stet sind und die biologisch aktive Substanz in den Fasern verteilt ist. Die Erfindung betrifft auch ein Rotationsspinnverfahren zur Herstellung des Vli ...

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An apparatus for generating focused currents in biological tissue is provided. The apparatus comprises an electric source capable of generating an electric field across a region of tissue and means for altering the permittivity of the tissue relative to the electric field, whereby a displacement cur ...

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Conductive adhesives, which do not have the problem of migration in conductive metals upon application of a voltage and which exhibit low resistance values, are provided. One embodiment of the present invention relates to a conductive adhesive comprising a conductive filler and a resin, characterize ...


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An apparatus for providing a universal interface (112) for a photovoltaic (PV) module (102). The apparatus comprises a universal retainer plate for mechanically coupling an output power module (114) to the PV module (102). Such an interface allows the output power module (114) to easily be coupled t ...

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A negative dispersion mirror (5) can generate large negative group-velocity dispersion and it can be used as an output mirror of a solid-state laser apparatus. The mirror (5) includes a substrate (6) and a dielectric multilayer coating structure (7) formed on the substrate (6). The multilayer coatin ...

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The planar lighting device includes, in addition to light sources, a light exit plane, a pair of light entrance planes formed on a pair of sides of the light exit plane, and a rear plane composed of a pair of inclined planes formed on a side opposite from the light exit plane such that the light gui ...