Nathaniel Brese
Peter R Levey, Nathaniel E Brese: Catalyst composition and deposition method. Rohm and Haas Electronic Materials, John J Piskorski, March 31, 2009: US07510993 (5 worldwide citation)

Compositions and methods for depositing one or more metal or metal alloy films on substrates. The compositions contain a catalyst, one or more carrier particles and one or more water-soluble or water-dispersible organic compounds. Metal or metal alloys may be deposited on the substrates by electrole ...


Dan Miller
Daniel N Miller, Philip P Truax, Patrick J Yagle: System and method to control flowfield vortices with micro-jet arrays. Lockheed Martin Corporation, Bracewell & Giuliani, March 31, 2009: US07510149 (10 worldwide citation)

The present invention provides a system and method for actively manipulating and controlling aerodynamic or hydrodynamic flow field vortices within a fluid flow over a surface using micro-jet arrays. The system and method for actively manipulating and controlling the inception point, size and trajec ...



Ezequiel Cervantes, Juan A Coronado, Miguel A Duanas, David P Goodman, Matthew J Kalos, Donald M Nordahl, Richard A Ripberger: Apparatus and method to control access to logical volumes. International Business Machines Corporation, Dale F Regelman, Quarles & Brady, March 31, 2009: US07512735

A method to control access to logical volumes. The method provides a plurality of host computers and an information storage and retrieval system comprising a plurality of logical volumes. The method forms (N) host computer groups, assigns one or more of the host computers to the (i)th host computer ...

Richard W Timm, Frederick E Shelton IV: Cable driven surgical stapling and cutting instrument with apparatus for preventing inadvertent cable disengagement. Ethicon Endo Surgery, March 31, 2009: US07510107 (427 worldwide citation)

A cable driven surgical instrument that has an elongate channel assembly that is constructed to operably support a staple cartridge assembly therein. The instrument may have a knife assembly that is oriented for travel within the elongate channel assembly and at least one cable transition support th ...

Matthew J Schurman, Walter Jeffrey Shakespeare: OCT based method for diagnosis and therapy. GlucoLight Corporation, Thomas J Engellenner, Charlton Shen, Nutter McClennen & Fish, March 31, 2009: US07510849 (173 worldwide citation)

This invention relates to a method of diagnosing or treating a biological subject, such as a person or animal, comprising the steps of subjecting at least a microsample of the subject's tissue to a physiological perturbation and measuring the response of the microsample to the perturbation using opt ...

Toshiyuki Shibuya: Method and apparatus for designing integrated circuit enabling the yield of integrated circuit to be improved by considering random errors. Fujitsu, Staas & Halsey, March 31, 2009: US07512921 (143 worldwide citation)

A layout method in a layout apparatus for layout of an integrated circuit includes placing a plurality of cells at approximate positions according to the circuit data and placing the plurality of cells at specific positions according to the result of the placement of the plurality of cells at the ap ...

Guillermo Pastor Sanz, Harold J Vinegar: Reducing viscosity of oil for production from a hydrocarbon containing formation. Shell Oil Company, March 31, 2009: US07510000 (138 worldwide citation)

Certain embodiments provide a method for treating a hydrocarbon containing formation. The method includes applying electrical current to one or more electrical conductors located in an opening in the formation to provide an electrically resistive heat output. The heat is allowed to transfer from the ...

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