Elliot Matel Elliot Matel
Raasch Jason J, Matuszak Ray, Matel Elliot: Oil removal system and method. Briggs & Stratton, Wang Qiong, March 25, 2009: CN200810149213

An apparatus for draining oil from an engine. The apparatus includes an engine having an engine housing, crankshaft, a piston, and an oil reservoir, an engine starting mechanism configured to engage the crankshaft and piston, a check valve configured to prevent pressure in a crankcase from escaping ...

Zhengxing Sun
Teng Lirong, Meng Qingfan, Liu Danmei, Zhou Jie, Tian Xiaole, Su Zhengxing, Sun Fengying: Dried wood-louse extract, preparation method and use thereof in preparing analgesic. Jilin University, Chen Hongwei, March 25, 2009: CN200810051393

The invention relates to a pillbug extract, a preparation method and the application in the preparation of analgesic medicines; baked-dried pillbug powder is crushed and added into water to be decocted; then supernatant is obtained after centrifugation; the supernatant solution is decompressed and c ...

Yanning Song Yanning Song
Lampe Onnerud Christina M, Onnerud Per, Song Yanning, Chamberlain Richard V: Lithium-ion secondary battery. Boston Power, March 25, 2009: EP2038946-A2

A lithium-ion battery includes a cathode that includes an active cathode material. The active cathode material includes a cathode mixture that includes a lithium cobaltate and a manganate spinel a manganate spinel represented by an empirical formula of Li(1+x1)(Mn1-y1A'y2)2-x2Oz1. The lithium cobalt ...

Yanning Song Yanning Song
Partin Phillip E, Zeng Sherman H, Onnerud Per, Song Yanning, Chamberlain Richard V: Integrated current-interrupt device for lithium-ion cells. Boston Power, March 25, 2009: EP2038944-A2

A battery comprises a first terminal in electrical communication with a first electrode of the battery, a second terminal in electrical communication with a second electrode of the battery, a battery can electrically insulated from the first terminal, and at least one current interrupt device in ele ...

Milliman Keith L, Hessler Thomas R: Insertion shroud for surgical instrument. Tyco Healthcare, March 25, 2009: EP2039316-A2 (314 worldwide citation)

A shroud (10,110) is provided which includes a rounded atraumatic distal configuration. The shroud is configured and dimensioned to be positioned on the distal end portion of a surgical instrument (40). The shroud is movable between a first position in which a distal portion of the shroud extends be ...

Powell Darrel M, Pomeroy Mark, Murray Michael A, Shurtleff Carl J: Devices for reduction of post operative ileus. Ethicon Endo Surgery, March 25, 2009: EP2039302-A2 (206 worldwide citation)

An apparatus and method for reducing post-operative ileus and/or gastric stasis is described. The method can include applying to the intestine a therapeutically effective amount of a composition comprising a drug that is effective in reducing post-operative ileus and/or gastric stasis, such as by in ...

Viola Frank J: Materials delivery system for stapling device. Tyco Healthcare, March 25, 2009: EP2039308-A2 (201 worldwide citation)

There is disclosed a materials delivery system (30,50) for use with a surgical stapling instrument having at least one jaw including a knife slot (32,62). The materials delivery system includes a series of treatment material receiving pockets (36,52,54,96,98) positioned adjacent the knife slot (32,6 ...

Harttig Herbert Dr: Piercing system and tape cartridge. Roche Diagnostics, Hoffmann La Roche, March 25, 2009: EP2039294-A1 (106 worldwide citation)

Die Erfindung betrifft ein Stechsystem mit einem Trägerband (1), das mehrere Lanzetten (2) trägt, einer ersten Wickelrolle (3), auf die das Trägerband (1) mit unbenutzten Lanzetten (2) aufgewickelt ist, einer zweiten Wickelrolle (4), um Trägerbandabschnitte benutzter Lanzetten (2) aufzuwickeln, eine ...

Holmstroem Michael, Mattisson Sven, Edholm Bengt: Crosstalk cancellation using load impedence measurements. Ericsson Telefon L M, March 25, 2009: EP2039221-A1 (66 worldwide citation)

A method and ASIC for canceling crosstalk between a first stereo channel and a second stereo channel, wherein a first signal is input to a first output amplifier for the first channel, and a second signal is input to a second output amplifier for the second channel, and an output load for each outpu ...

Demarais Denise, Zadno Nicolas, Clark Benjamin J, Thai Erik, Levin Howard R, Gelfand Mark, Wu Andrew, Gifford Hanson, Deem Mark: Methods and systems for thermally-induced renal neuromodulation. Ardian, March 25, 2009: EP2037840-A2 (65 worldwide citation)

Methods and system are provided for thermally-induced renal neuromodulation. Thermally-induced renal neuromodulation may be achieved via direct and/or via indirect application of thermal energy to heat or cool neural fibers that contribute to renal function, or of vascular structures that feed or pe ...