David Sherrer
David W Sherrer, Larry J Rasnake, John J Fisher: Device package and methods for the fabrication and testing thereof. Nuvotronics, Sheer & Vaughn PLLC, March 24, 2009: US07508065 (39 worldwide citation)

Provided are methods of forming sealed via structures. One method involves: (a) providing a semiconductor substrate having a first surface and a second surface opposite the first surface; (b) forming a layer on the first surface of the substrate; (c) etching a via hole through the substrate from the ...

Dr. Jill S. Becker
Roy G Gordon, Jill S Becker, Dennis Hausmann, Seigi Suh: Vapor deposition of metal oxides, silicates and phosphates, and silicon dioxide. President and Fellows of Harvard College, Wilmer Cutler Pickering Hale & Dorr, March 24, 2009: US07507848 (9 worldwide citation)

Metal silicates or phosphates are deposited on a heated substrate by the reaction of vapors of alkoxysilanols or alkylphosphates along with reactive metal amides, alkyls or alkoxides. For example, vapors of tris(tert-butoxy)silanol react with vapors of tetrakis(ethylmethylamido)hafnium to deposit ha ...

Todd Phillip Omaits, Bennie Thompson, Frederick E Shelton IV, Eugene L Timperman: Surgical stapling instrument with mechanical mechanism for limiting maximum tissue compression. Ethicon Endo Surgery, March 24, 2009: US07506791 (643 worldwide citation)

Various forms of surgical instruments are disclosed. In various embodiments, the instrument includes a cartridge supporting assembly for operably supporting a staple cartridge therein. The cartridge supporting assembly may be responsive to firing and retraction motions applied thereto from a firing ...

Frederick E Shelton IV: Surgical instrument incorporating an electrically actuated articulation mechanism. Ethicon Endo Surgery, Dean Garner, March 24, 2009: US07506790 (578 worldwide citation)

A surgical instrument particularly suited to endoscopic use articulates an end effector by including an articulation mechanism in an elongate shaft that incorporates an electrically actuated polymer (EAP) actuator for remotely articulating the end effector.

Hark C Chan: Information distribution and processing system. Data Innovation, Martin & Ferraro, March 24, 2009: US07508789 (479 worldwide citation)

An information distribution and processing system contains a remote site, a sender and a receiving apparatus. The remote site contains a first set of digital data. The sender delivers a second set of digital data to the receiving device. In one embodiment of the present invention, the receiving devi ...

Mohamed K Diab, Esmaiel Kiani Azarbayjany, Ibrahim M Elfadel, Rex J McCarthy, Walter M Weber, Robert A Smith: Signal processing apparatus. Masimo Corporation, Knobbe Martens Olson & Bear, March 24, 2009: US07509154 (309 worldwide citation)

The present disclosure describes a method and an apparatus for analyzing measured signals using various processing techniques. In certain embodiments, the measured signals are physiological signals. In certain embodiments, the measurements relate to blood constituent measurements including blood oxy ...

Ammar Al Ali: Interface cable. Masimo Corporation, Knobbe Martens Olson & Bear, March 24, 2009: US07509494 (277 worldwide citation)

An interface cable is configured to connect a host instrument to a physiological sensor. The interface cable has an ID signal input from the sensor and a LED drive signal input from the host instrument sensor port. The interface cable also has a data signal output to the host instrument sensor port. ...

Tsu Jae King Liu, Qiang Lu: Enhanced segmented channel MOS transistor with narrowed base regions. Synopsys, Silicon Valley Patent Group, Edward S Mao, March 24, 2009: US07508031 (228 worldwide citation)

By forming MOSFETs on a substrate having pre-existing ridges of semiconductor material (i.e., a “corrugated substrate”), the resolution limitations associated with conventional semiconductor manufacturing processes can be overcome, and high-performance, low-power transistors can be reliably produced ...

John Kit: Retrofit LED lamp for fluorescent fixtures without ballast. DeNovo Lighting, March 24, 2009: US07507001 (219 worldwide citation)

An energy saving device for an LED lamp mounted to an existing fixture for a fluorescent lamp where the ballast is removed or bypassed. The LEDs are positioned within a tube and electrical power is delivered from a power source to the LEDs. The LED lamp includes means for controlling the delivery of ...

Subarnarekha Sinha, Jianfeng Luo, Charles C Chiang: Dummy filling technique for improved planarization of chip surface topography. Synopsys, Bever Hoffman & Harms, Jeanette S Harms, March 24, 2009: US07509622 (191 worldwide citation)

The use of smooth post-ECP topography (instead of final chip topography) as an objective during dummy filling enables a computationally efficient model-based dummy filling solution for copper while maintaining solution quality. A layout can be divided into tiles and the “case” of each tile identifie ...