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An implantable medical device delivers neurostimulation therapy to a patient according to a parameter set. A parameter set may consist of a number of programs that are delivered substantially simultaneously. When programming the implantable medical device for the patient, a clinician programmer may ...

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A transverse mode ultrasonic probe is provided which creates a cavitation area along its longitudinal length, increasing the working surface of the probe. Accessory sheaths are also provided for use with the probe to enable a user to select from features most suited to an individual medical procedur ...

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The methods shown provide for the minimization of extravasation during arthroscopic surgery. Use of an anti-extravasation sheath having at least one drainage aperture allows a surgeon to drain excess fluids from the tissue surrounding the surgical field during an arthroscopic surgical procedures whe ...

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A non-contact cardiac mapping method is disclosed that includes: (i) inserting a catheter into a heart cavity having an endocardium surface, the catheter including multiple, spatially distributed electrodes; (ii) measuring signals at the catheter electrodes in response to electrical activity in the ...

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Apparatus and method for minimally invasive spinal surgery employs an elongated flexible guide element inserted so as to pass in through a first lateral posterior incision, through the spinal column anterior to the spinal cord, and out through a second lateral posterior incision contralateral to sai ...

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A method of writing spiral tracks for a disk drive is disclosed. A first concentric reference track is written at a first radial location near an outer diameter of a disk surface, a second concentric reference track is written at a second radial location near an inner diameter of the disk surface, a ...

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A system for backing up data on a wireless telephone having a data store containing a user's personal information. A method and application are provided.

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A light control device according to the present invention comprises a plurality of optical elements between two transparent plates in each of which a pair of transparent substrates having taper-shaped side faces with transparent electrodes are located so as to face each other, and a light control la ...

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A Statechart is generated automatically from a set of goals for completion of a data model. A set of states is generated corresponding to completion states of the data model, an initial pseudo-state and a final state. Transitions are generated from the initial pseudo-state to an empty state of the s ...

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An exposure apparatus illuminates a pattern with an energy beam and transfers the pattern onto a substrate via a projection optical system. The exposure apparatus includes a substrate stage on which the substrate is mounted that moves within a two-dimensional plane holding the substrate. The apparat ...