Stephen T. Avery
Robert C U Yu, Stephen T Avery, Kathleen M Carmichael: Mechanically robust imaging member overcoat. Xerox Corporation, Pillsbury Winthrop Shaw Pittman, March 17, 2009: US07504187 (5 worldwide citation)

The presently disclosed embodiments relate in general to electrophotographic imaging members, such as layered photoreceptor structures, and processes for making and using the same. More particularly, the embodiments pertain to an improved electrophotographic imaging member having a protective overco ...

Fred Thomas
Philip M Walker, Fred C Thomas, Bryce C Wemple, Kirk N Ray: Storage device protection system. Hewlett Packard Development Company, March 17, 2009: US07505263

A storage device protection system. At least some of the illustrative embodiments are systems comprising a processor, a storage device electrically coupled to the processor, and a protection system. The protection system comprises an enclosure within which the storage device is positioned, and a foa ...



Walter Mason Stewart, Marcelo Carrera, Robert G Hook: E-mail virus protection system and method. Gatekeeper, Sterne Kessler Goldstein & Fox P L L C, March 17, 2009: US07506155 (402 worldwide citation)

A network is protected from e-mail viruses through the use of a sacrificial server. Any executable programs or other suspicious parts of incoming e-mail messages are forwarded to a sacrificial server, where they are converted to non-executable format such as Adobe Acrobat PDF and sent to the recipie ...

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A hydraulically actuated medical instrument includes an elongated shaft having proximal and distal ends, a hydraulically actuated end effector at the distal end of the shaft and a fluid flow path extending through the shaft to the end effector. The end effector may be directly manually operated by w ...

Vincent Cheekiat Lim, Preetham Raghuvanshi: Power save management with customized range for user configuration and tuning value based upon recent usage. Advanced Micro Devices, Hamilton & Terrile, Michael Rocco Cannatti, March 17, 2009: US07505795 (242 worldwide citation)

A method and system for efficiently managing power consumption in a mobile device controls power consumption with an adjustable sleep period or listening interval that may be user-specified and automatically tuned based on recent detected usage. With an adjustable sleep period, a receiver conserves ...

Abdurrahman Sezginer, Roy Prasad: Apparatus and method for breaking up and merging polygons. Cadence Design Systems, Sheppard Mullin Richter & Hampton, March 17, 2009: US07506300 (180 worldwide citation)

A method of modifying polygons in a data set mask-less or mask based optical projection lithography includes: 1) mapping the data set to a figure-of-demerit; 2) moving individual polygon edges to decrease the figure-of-demerit; and 3) disrupting the set of polygons to enable a further decrease in th ...

Larry Routhenstein: Method for generating customer secure card numbers. Privasys, TIPS Group, March 17, 2009: US07503485 (158 worldwide citation)

A method for providing secure transactions generates a Secure Card Number (“SCN”) for a first entity that is transferred with a first entity identifier to a second entity and then to a money source that verifies that the transaction is valid by use of the first entity identifier and the SCN. The SCN ...

Gary Karlin Michelson: Lordotic interbody spinal fusion implants. Warsaw Orthopedic, Martin & Ferraro, March 17, 2009: US07503933 (151 worldwide citation)

The present application is directed to interbody spinal fusion implants having a structural configuration that provides for the maintaining and creating of the normal anatomic angular relationship of two adjacent vertebrae of the spine to maintain and create spinal lordosis. The spinal fusion implan ...