Aaron Carrano
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A system and method for stereoscopically imaging a patient at multiple locations in a radiation treatment system with variable imaging geometry to enable the delivery of radiation treatments from multiple ranges of treatment angles without obstructing the imaging system or the radiation treatment.

David Mosley
Joseph M Jacobson, David W Mosley, Kie Moon Sung: Nanoparticle chains and preparation thereof. Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Norma E Henderson, January 13, 2009: US07476442 (1 worldwide citation)

Fabrication and arrangement of nanoparticles into one-dimensional linear chains is achieved by successive chemical reactions, each reaction adding one or more nanoparticles by building onto exposed, unprotected linker functionalities. Optionally, protecting groups may be used to control and organize ...

Matthew Ray Delco: Method and system for sharing a network connection in a virtual computer system. WMware, Darryl A Smith, Rajeev Madnawat, January 13, 2009: US07478173 (227 worldwide citation)

A virtual computer system including multiple virtual machines (VMs) is implemented in a single physical computer system. The multiple VMs have their own layer 2 and layer 3 addresses, but they share a common network connection for which only a single layer 2 address may be used, such as in the case ...

Wayne C Boncyk, Ronald H Cohen: Image capture and identification system and process. Fish & Associates PC, January 13, 2009: US07477780 (207 worldwide citation)

The invention is a method by which information and communication pertinent to an object is provided based on imagery of the object. A digital image of the object is captured and the object is recognized from a plurality of objects in a database. An information address corresponding to the object is ...

Helen Jeanne Chemtob: Method and apparatus for providing group interaction via communications networks. Swift Law Office, Stephen Christopher Swift, January 13, 2009: US07478129 (188 worldwide citation)

Improvements to a system for enhancing the quality of group interaction, group activities, and group environments over computer networks. New features include the capacity for participants to form subgroups within a larger group, as well as to move about a virtual environment, interacting with other ...

Christopher Lunt, Nicholas Galbreath: Method for sharing relationship information stored in a social network database with third party databases. Friendster, Patterson & Sheridan, January 13, 2009: US07478078 (188 worldwide citation)

Social network information maintained in a first database is shared with a second database. The operators of the second database use the social network information to better manage services provided to their customers and target particular information to their customers. The process begins with a re ...

James Murphy, Ping Pan: Aggregating end-to-end QoS signaled packet flows through label switched paths. Juniper Networks, Shumaker & Sieffert P A, January 13, 2009: US07477657 (181 worldwide citation)

Techniques are described for supporting end-to-end resource reservation protocols, such as the Resource Reservation Setup Protocol (RSVP), using Multi-protocol Label Switching (MPLS). A routing device, such as an edge router coupling a local network to another network, aggregates packet flow reserva ...

Michael Wright, Peter Boucher, Gabe Nault, Merrill Smith, Sterling K Jacobson, Jonathan Wood, Robert Mims: Administration of protection of data accessible by a mobile device. Novell, King & Schickli PLLC, January 13, 2009: US07478420 (162 worldwide citation)

The protection of data on a client mobile computing device by a server computer system such as within an enterprise network or on a separate mobile computing device is described. Security tools are described that provide different security policies to be enforced based on a location associated with ...

Serguei Okhonin, Mikhail Nagoga: Bipolar reading technique for a memory cell having an electrically floating body transistor. Innovative Silicon ISi, Neil A Steinberg, January 13, 2009: US07477540 (162 worldwide citation)

A technique of sampling, sensing, reading and/or determining the data state of a memory cell (of, for example, a memory cell array) including an electrically floating body transistor. In this regard, the intrinsic bipolar transistor current component is employed to read and/or determine the data sta ...

Steven Johnson: Non-intrusive data transmission network for use in an enterprise facility and method for implementing. Careview Communication, Rudolph J Buchel Jr, January 13, 2009: US07477285 (153 worldwide citation)

The present invention is directed to a non-intrusive data transmission network for use in a healthcare facility and method for implementing such network. Each individual patient's room is equipped with a set-top control device, a separate camera, microphone, control module camera control device. The ...