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A device with a sampling portion configured to engage, sever, and remove tissue from a body can be used to obtain one or more tissue samples from the body. The device can be used to obtain multiple tissue samples simultantously.

George Baran: Methods of forming a nebulizing catheter. Trudell Medical, Brinks Hofer Gilson & Lione, January 6, 2009: US07472705 (58 worldwide citation)

A method and apparatus for delivering a medicine to a patient via the patient's respiratory system with control and efficiency. A nebulization catheter is positioned in the patient's respiratory system so that a distal end of the nebulization catheter is in the respiratory system and a proximal end ...

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A magnetic field sensor apparatus includes a first magnetic field sensor and a second magnetic field sensor, arranged on a substrate in a spaced manner from each other, a first temperature sensor with an output for a first temperature sensor signal, a second temperature sensor with an output for a s ...

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The present invention provides a distance measuring device, which comprises a light projecting unit for projecting a distance measuring light (22) to an object to be measured, a reference reflection unit (55) provided relatively movable and arranged at a known position so as to traverse the projecte ...

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A self-expanding stent includes a plurality of segments having an alternating repeating pattern; each of the segments having connected crowns and unconnected crowns, wherein the unconnected crowns can be fully straightened without damage or permanent distortion to the unconnected crowns; and connect ...

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To provide a high throughput film deposition means for film depositing an organic EL material made of polymer accurately and without any positional shift. A pixel portion is divided into a plurality of pixel rows by a bank, and a head portion of a thin film deposition apparatus is scanned along a pi ...

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A semiconductor device with high reliability is provided using an SOI substrate. When the SOI substrate is fabricated by using a technique typified by SIMOX, ELTRAN, or Smart-Cut, a single crystal semiconductor substrate having a main surface (crystal face) of a {110} plane is used. In such an SOI s ...

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A method for completing a well in a single trip, including: inserting a completion tool assembly into the well, the completion tool assembly having a gravel packing assembly and a service tool assembly slidably positioned substantially within an interior cavity in the gravel packing assembly; remova ...

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A crop harvesting header with a cutter bar and a draper assembly has a draper canvas with a plurality of transverse slats with a resilient strip across a front edge of the outer surface in front of the front end of the slats to cooperate with a rearwardly projecting element of the cutter bar extendi ...

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A gaming device including a plurality of reel sets connected where at least one of the reel sets includes concentric reels having an inner reel and an outer reel. The inner reel includes a plurality of symbols and a plurality of symbol positions where at least two of the symbols are displayed by one ...