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The present invention provides methods of treating an eye disorder. The methods comprise a step of locally administering a Clostridial toxin to the eye of a patient to treat the disorder. The eye disorder may be associated with an inflammation of the eye, including for example, bacterial conjunctivi ...

Eugene Fitzgerald
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A semiconductor-based device includes a channel layer, which includes a distal layer and a proximal layer in contact with the distal layer. The distal layer supports at least a portion of hole conduction for at least one p-channel component, and the proximal layer supports at least a portion of elec ...

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A DSV control bit determining/inserting unit 11 inserts DSV control bits for execution of DSV control into an input data string and outputs the data string including the DSV control bits to a modulation unit 12. The modulation unit 12 converts the data string with a basic data length of 2 bits into ...

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Thiophenepyrimidinone compounds and their use in therapy, especially for use in the treatment and/or prevention of a steroid hormone dependent diseases or disorders, such as steroid hormone dependent diseases or disorders requiring inhibition of 17β-hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase enzymes.

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A surgical instrument. The surgical instrument comprises a handle, a battery, a motor, and a lockout system. The handle comprises a primary portion and a grip portion. The grip portion is releasably connected to the primary portion. The battery is within the grip portion. The motor is in electrical ...

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A surgical instrument. Various embodiments relate to a surgical cutting and fastening instrument that has an end effector with an anvil that can pivot between open and closed positions relative to an elongate channel that can support a staple cartridge therein. The anvil may be opened and closed by ...

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A surgical apparatus has a clamp and a stapling mechanism. The clamp has a first jaw and a second jaw to clamp on a body tissue at a desired location for a stapling operation. The stapling mechanism is controlled by a trigger handle or a switch assembly. The surgical apparatus has a controller for p ...

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Disclosed herein are systems and methods for a continuous analyte sensor, such as a continuous glucose sensor. One such system utilizes first and second working electrodes to measure additional analyte or non-analyte related signal. Such measurements may provide a background and/or sensitivity measu ...

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A transform for determining a physiological measurement is disclosed. The transform determines a basis function index from a physiological signal obtained through a physiological sensor. A basis function waveform is generated based on basis function index. The basis function waveform is then used to ...

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A scalable, high-speed router for routing packets of information through an interconnected network comprises an interface for receiving a packet containing header and data information; a device for extracting routing information from the header of an arrived packet and generating a corresponding hea ...