Abudu Shalamu
雷建花, 沙拉木, 刘玉甫, 巴 音, 武开福, 杨 静: 过滤器反冲洗阀. 新疆水利水电科学研究院, 白志斌, 乌鲁木齐新科联专利代理事务所(), November 26, 2008: CN200820103437.8


Patrick Luk
Jinupun Poramaste, Luk Patrick Chi Kwong: Vehicle in-wheel motor generators with interposed differential. Jinupun Poramaste, Luk Patrick Chi Kwong, November 26, 2008: GB2449489-A

A vehicle power generation means 1 comprises two in-wheel electric machines 2 coupled by a differential gear assembly 3 and supported about symmetrically by a main base structure 20. Each electric machine 2 comprises a stator 4, and a rotor 5 disposed radially inward of the stator 4 and spaced by an ...

Bettuchi Micheal, Nentwick Brian: Staple buttress retention system. Tyco Healthcare, November 26, 2008: EP1994890-A1 (303 worldwide citation)

A surgical stapling instrument is provided having systems for securing buttress material to the anvil and staple containing cartridge associated with the surgical instrument. The system includes a retainer configured to engage the anvil or the staple containing cartridge and capture the buttress mat ...

Akimoto Kengo, Honda Tatsuya, Sone Norihito: Semiconductor device having oxide semiconductor layer and manufacturing method therof. Semiconductor Energy Lab, November 26, 2008: EP1995787-A2 (302 worldwide citation)

The invention provides an active matrix EL display device comprising a thin film transistor formed over a substrate, the thin film transistor including a gate electrode over the substrate; an insulating film over the gate electrode; and an oxide semiconductor film over the gate electrode with the in ...

Akahane Hidefumi, Akahoshi Kazuya: High frequency surgical instrument. Fujinon, Akahoshi Kazuya, November 26, 2008: EP1994904-A1 (81 worldwide citation)

A high frequency surgical instrument having a forceps assembly at a fore distal end of an elongated insertion member, the forceps assembly being constituted by a pair of opening and closing grasper members which are shaped with a series of saw teeth on an inner meeting side in such a way that saw to ...

Gillbe Ivor Stephen: Stimulator device with sequenced pulses across multiple pairs of electrodes.. Gillbe Ivor Stephen, November 26, 2008: GB2449546-A (61 worldwide citation)

Apparatus suitable for stimulating nerves, has a plurality of electrodes in an array arranged in addressable pairs A-H and located either transcutaneously ( See figs 2, 3) or by implantation (figs 8,9a,9b). Pulses are produced in sequence across the required target electrode pairs D-F, the sequence ...

Weber Carsten, Peschel Thomas, Damm Christoph, Figulla Hans Reiner, Ferrari Markus: Device for fixing and anchoring heart valve prosthetics. Jenavalve Technology, November 26, 2008: EP1994913-A2 (44 worldwide citation)

Each heart valve prosthesis is supported and fixed by three identical pairs of brackets (3,4,5) staggered by 120 degrees from each other and joined by solid body links (7). The two curved brackets in opposite facing directions have lever arms of the same length. The first and second distal brackets ...

Andrews Robert E, Fritz Jeff W, Horneck Noel: Methods and apparatus for application of nested zero waste ear to travelling web. Joa Curt G, November 26, 2008: EP1994919-A1 (24 worldwide citation)

The present invention provides a process wherein a rotary knife or die, with one or more cutting edges, turns against and in coordination with a corresponding cylinder to create preferably trapezoidal ears. Ear material is slit into two lanes, one for a left side of a diaper and the other for a righ ...

Lian Jie, Garner Garth, Muessig Dirk Dr: Medical device for monitoring biological signal. Biotronik Crm Patent, November 26, 2008: EP1995685-A2 (22 worldwide citation)

A medical device comprising at least one sensor for acquiring and sampling a biological signal, an evaluation unit connected to said sensor, said biological signal representing a signal waveform and forming a waveform vector composed of said biological signal samples, and a memory for storing a leas ...