David Sherrer
David W Sherrer, Larry J Rasnake, John J Fisher: Device package and methods for the fabrication and testing thereof. Nuvotronics, Sherr & Vaughn PLLC, November 11, 2008: US07449784 (35 worldwide citation)

Provided are methods of forming sealed via structures. One method involves: (a) providing a semiconductor substrate having a first surface and a second surface opposite the first surface; (b) forming a layer on the first surface of the substrate; (c) etching a via hole through the substrate from the ...

Erwin Meinders
Hubert Cécile François Martens, Erwin Rinaldo Meinders: Additional data channel in between marks. Koninklijke Philips Electronics, November 11, 2008: US07450485

A device has a head for recording information by writing marks in a track on a record carrier via a beam of radiation. The radiation is controlled to write the marks having a main mark intensity and a mark length within a predefined range of mark lengths. Further, secondary marks are recorded in the ...

Maged Beshai
Maged E Beshai, Bilel N Jamoussi: Expandable universal network. Nortel Networks, Anderson Gorecki & Manaras, November 11, 2008: US07450845 (3 worldwide citation)

A wide-coverage high-capacity network that scales to multiples of petabits per second is disclosed. The network comprises numerous universal edge nodes interconnected by numerous disjoint optical core connectors of moderate sizes so that a route set for any edge-node-pair includes routes each of whi ...

Sanjay Kotha
Sanjay Kotha, Tirumalai S Sudarshan: Method and kit for inducing hypoxia in tumors through the use of a magnetic fluid. Materials Modification, Dinesh Agarwal P C, November 11, 2008: US07448389 (2 worldwide citation)

A method and kit for inducing hypoxia in tumors includes impeding oxygen supply to non-hypoxic cells in a subject in need thereof by using a magnetic fluid.

Matthew J Kalos, Robert A Kubo, Michael P Vageline: Apparatus and method to configure, format, and test, a data storage subsystem product. International Business Business Machines, Dale F Regelman, Quarles & Brady, November 11, 2008: US07451354 (1 worldwide citation)

An apparatus and method are disclosed to configure, format, and test, a data storage subsystem product. The method supplies a data storage subsystem product comprising one or more host computer ports, a processor, one or more data storage device ports, and one or more data storage devices interconne ...


Frederick E Shelton IV, Jerome R Morgan, Eugene L Timperman, Leslie M Fugikawa: Pneumatically powered surgical cutting and fastening instrument with manually operated retraction apparatus. Ethicon Endo Surgery, November 11, 2008: US07448525 (489 worldwide citation)

A surgical instrument for use in connection with a pneumatically powered tool having a firing mechanism operably supported therein that is movable between an unactuated position and an actuated position. In various embodiments, a drive system operably communicates with the pneumatically powered tool ...

Ming Hsuan Yang, Rui Li: Monocular tracking of 3D human motion with a coordinated mixture of factor analyzers. Honda Motor, Fenwick & West, Mark Duell, November 11, 2008: US07450736 (312 worldwide citation)

Disclosed is a method and system for efficiently and accurately tracking three-dimensional (3D) human motion from a two-dimensional (2D) video sequence, even when self-occlusion, motion blur and large limb movements occur. In an offline learning stage, 3D motion capture data is acquired and a predic ...

Carroll W Creswell, Jeffrey J Farah, Gregg A Toney: Interactive communication service account management system. AT&T, November 11, 2008: US07450927 (206 worldwide citation)

A system and method permit a customer obtaining communication services to modify account parameters governing terms on which that service is provided. Customer account parameters are stored in one or more databases and accessed by one or more servers. The customer, upon accessing the communication s ...

James C Kemerling, David Ihme, William D Cox: VIA configurable architecture for customization of analog circuitry in a semiconductor device. Triad Semiconductor, Viasic, Womble Carlyle, November 11, 2008: US07449371 (179 worldwide citation)

A semiconductor device having a plurality of layers and a plurality of circuit elements arranged in tiles. At least one of the plurality of layers in the semiconductor device may be a via layer configured to determine the connections of the plurality of circuit elements. The semiconductor device may ...