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Methods for treating a buttock deformity or for preventing development of a buttock deformity by local administration of a Clostridial toxin, such as a botulinum neurotoxin, to a buttock deformity or to the vicinity of a buttock deformity.

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A method for integrating the formation of metal-insulator-metal (MIM) capacitors within dual damascene processing includes forming a lower interlevel dielectric (ILD) layer having a lower capacitor electrode and one or more lower metal lines therein, the ILD layer having a first dielectric capping l ...

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A method and apparatus for improving throughput in a wireless local area (WLAN), which includes buffering a set of messages, identifying a target address for the set of messages, and concatenating the set of messages based on the target address. The target address can be either unicast, broadcast, m ...

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A chemical vapor deposited, β phase polycrystalline silicon carbide having a high thermal conductivity and reduced stacking faults. The silicon carbide is synthesized under specific conditions using hydrogen gas and methyltrichlorosilane gas as reactants. The thermal conductivity of the silicon carb ...

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Methods of making Si-containing films that contain relatively high levels of substitutional dopants involve chemical vapor deposition using trisilane and a dopant precursor. Extremely high levels of substitutional incorporation may be obtained, including crystalline silicon films that contain 2.4 at ...

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Authorization access controlled content exchange can be implemented, for example, in a multimedia content distribution environment when individual client devices are capable of storing content. A content index is maintained for each client device that reflects the content stored thereat. Predefined ...

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An anvil of a surgical stapler including releasable pocket elements that can capture ends of fired staples. In various embodiments, the pocket elements can be released from the anvil such that the pocket elements remain with the staples and stapled tissue after the stapler has been fired. When deplo ...

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An application identification sensor comprises a plurality of emitters configured to transmit light into a tissue site and a detector configured to receive the light after tissue absorption. The detector generates a signal responsive to the intensity of the light and communicates the signal to a mon ...

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The disclosure includes pulse oximetry systems and methods for determining point-by-point saturation values by encoding photoplethysmographs in the complex domain and processing the complex signals. The systems filter motion artifacts and other noise using a variety of techniques, including statisti ...

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A re-programmable non-volatile memory system, such as a flash EEPROM system, having its memory cells grouped into blocks of cells that are simultaneously erasable is operated in a manner to level out the wear of the individual blocks through repetitive erasing and re-programming. This may be accompl ...