Elliot Matel Elliot Matel
Jacob Schmalz, John Gulke, Elliot Matel: Evaporative emissions control system. Briggs & Stratton Corporation, Michael Best & Friedrich, October 16, 2008: US20080251055-A1

An evaporative emissions control system for an engine including a fuel tank having a fuel tank vapor space, a carburetor coupled to the fuel tank, and a fuel tank cap having fuel vapor adsorption media that adsorbs vapor from the fuel tank vapor space. The fuel tank cap is in fluid communication wit ...

Fred Thomas Fred Thomas
Paul Boerger, Fred Charles Thomas: Raid configuration indication in network attached storage. Hewlett Packard Company, October 16, 2008: US20080256386-A1

In one embodiment a network attached storage device comprises at least one storage media, a storage controller to manage input/output requests directed to the at least one storage media, and a RAID interrogation module to receive a RAID configuration query, wherein the RAID configuration query inclu ...

Toufike Kanouni
Qing Dong, Xianchang Gong, Stephen W Kaldor, Toufike Kanouni, Nicholas Scorah, Michael B Wallace, Feng Zhou: Mapk/erk kinase inhibitors. Takeda San Diego, October 16, 2008: US20080255160-A1

Compounds of the following formula are provided for use with MEK: wherein the variables are as defined herein. Also provided are pharmaceutical compositions, kits and articles of manufacture comprising such compounds; methods and intermediates useful for making the compounds; and methods of using sa ...

Park Adrian Edward, Knapp Charles Francis: Frame device. Park Adrian Edward, Knapp Charles Francis, FOX Harold H, October 16, 2008: WO/2008/124748 (255 worldwide citation)

The devices and methods described can be used to create and maintain a working space within the lumen of an organ or between or among organs or tissue structures during medical procedures in order to elicit a diagnosis, biopsy, surgery, or therapy.

Yuzuriha Asumi: Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing same. Aoi Electronics, October 16, 2008: JP2008-251794 (79 worldwide citation)

PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a semiconductor device which has a light receiving surface opposed to an external electrode provision surface and which can be made compact.SOLUTION: An internal electrode 4A and a dummy electrode 44 are formed on a glass substrate 41. A light detecting semiconductor ...

Mihara Jun, Murata Tetsuya, Yamazaki Daiei, Yoneta Yasushi, Shibuya Katsuhiko, Shimojo Eiichi, Görgens Ulrich, Turberg Andreas, Bach Thomas: Insecticidal aryl isoxazoline derivatives. Bayer Cropscience, Mihara Jun, Murata Tetsuya, Yamazaki Daiei, Yoneta Yasushi, Shibuya Katsuhiko, Shimojo Eiichi, Görgens Ulrich, Turberg Andreas, Bach Thomas, BAYER CROPSCIENCE, October 16, 2008: WO/2008/122375 (77 worldwide citation)

The present invention relates to novel aryl isoxazoline derivatives having excellent insecticidal activity as insecticides and represented by the formula ( I ): and their use as insecticides and acarizides.

Rane Ajay: Kit for levator avulsion repair. Ams Research Corporation, Rane Ajay, SCHULTE Daniel C, October 16, 2008: WO/2008/124056 (76 worldwide citation)

Kits for treating pelvic conditions such as levator avulsion, by placing an implant between an anterior incision and a posterior incision to support the levator tissue are described. A kit comprises an implant (70) comprising a support portion and two end portions extending from the support portion, ...

Cernea Raul Adrian: Non-volatile memory and method for predictive programming. Sandisk Corporation, Cernea Raul Adrian, YAU Philip, October 16, 2008: WO/2008/124760 (75 worldwide citation)

In a nonvolatile memory having an array of memory cells, wherein the memory cells are individually programmable to one of a range of threshold voltage levels, there is provided a predictive programming mode in which a predetermined function predicts what programming voltage level needs to be applied ...

Zhang Liangfang, Radovic Moreno Aleksander F, Gu Frank X, Alexis Frank, Langer Robert S, Farokhzad Omid C: Amphiphilic compound assisted nanoparticles for targeted delivery. Massachusetts Institute of Technology, The Brigham And Women S Hospital, Zhang Liangfang, Radovic Moreno Aleksander F, Gu Frank X, Alexis Frank, Langer Robert S, Farokhzad Omid C, HANLEY Elizabeth A, October 16, 2008: WO/2008/124632 (74 worldwide citation)

Libraries of nanoparticles with an amphiphilic component can be formed by mixing together two or more macromolecules In different ratios. One or more of the macromolecules may be a polymeric conjugate of a moiety to a biocompatible polymer. In some cases, the nanoparticle may contain a drug.

Kato Masahito, Nishizaki Masahiro: Pretreatment solution, ink set, inkjet recorder and inkjet recording method. Brother, October 16, 2008: JP2008-246821 (66 worldwide citation)

PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide pretreatment enabling attainment of a high printing quality and printed image quality in the case when an area including a recording portion of recording paper is pretreated prior to inkjet recording.SOLUTION: This pretreatment solution is used for the pretreatment f ...