Ozgur Yildirim
Arun K Agarwal, Julie J Cox, Jules G Moritz, Ozgur Yildirim: Fluid ejection device. Hewlett Packard Development Company, October 7, 2008: US07431434 (5 worldwide citation)

A fluid ejection device includes a fluid chamber, a fluid restriction communicated with the fluid chamber, and a fluid channel communicated with the fluid restriction, wherein a width of the fluid restriction is in a range of approximately 8 microns to approximately 16 microns, and a length of the f ...

Steven Jobs
Bas Ording, Steven P Jobs, Donald J Lindsay: User interface for providing consolidation and access. Apple, Buchanan Ingersoll Rooney PC, October 7, 2008: US07434177 (178 worldwide citation)

Methods and systems for providing graphical user interfaces are described. To provide greater access and consolidation to frequently used items in the graphical user interface, a userbar is established which includes a plurality of item representations. To permit a greater number of items to reside ...


Frederick E Shelton IV, Jerome R Morgan, Eugene L Timperman, Leslie M Fugikawa: Pneumatically powered surgical cutting and fastening instrument with mechanical linkage coupling end effector and trigger motion. Ethicon Endo Surgery, October 7, 2008: US07431189 (496 worldwide citation)

A surgical instrument for use in connection with a pneumatically powered tool having a firing mechanism operably supported therein that is movable between an unactuated position and an actuated position. In various embodiments, a drive system is supported by at least one of a handle assembly and an ...

Frank J Viola: Surgical stapling apparatus having a wound closure material applicator assembly. Tyco Healthcare Group, October 7, 2008: US07431730 (435 worldwide citation)

This disclosure relates to surgical stapling apparatus for enhancing one or more properties of body tissue that is or is to be repaired or joined. The apparatus includes a staple anvil, a staple cartridge, a driving member for driving the surgical staples from individual staple slots in the staple c ...

Stanislaw Marczyk: Surgical stapling apparatus with powered articulation. Tyco Healthcare Group, October 7, 2008: US07431188 (431 worldwide citation)

The surgical stapling apparatus includes a handle assembly, an elongated body extending distally from the handle assembly, and an articulation mechanism for articulating a tool assembly. The articulation mechanism includes a first gear rotatably mounted on a transmission shaft and configured to enga ...

Max Shtein, Stephen R Forrest: Process and apparatus for organic vapor jet deposition. The Trustees of Princeton University, Townsend and Townsend and Crew, October 7, 2008: US07431968 (392 worldwide citation)

A method of fabricating an organic film is provided. A non-reactive carrier gas is used to transport an organic vapor. The organic vapor is ejected through a nozzle block onto a cooled substrate, to form a patterned organic film. A device for carrying out the method is also provided. The device incl ...

David Stefanchik, Duane Linenkugel, Gregory J Bakos, Omar J Vakharia, James A Craft, Kurt R Bally: Method of guiding medical devices. Ethicon Endo Surgery, Gerry S Gressel, October 7, 2008: US07431694 (255 worldwide citation)

A guide system for use with an endoscope, and a method of use is disclosed. The guide system can include a track, in the form of a rail, and a mating member for engaging the rail. The guide system can also include an accessory, such as an accessory guide tube through which a medical instrument can b ...

Edward James Morgan, Farshid Alizadeh Shabdiz, Russel Kipp Jones, Michael George Shean: Location beacon database. Skyhook Wireless, Wilmer Cutler Pickering Hale & Dorr, October 7, 2008: US07433694 (246 worldwide citation)

A location beacon database and server, method of building location beacon database, and location based service using same. Wi-Fi access points are located in a target geographical area to build a reference database of locations of Wi-Fi access points. At least one vehicle is deployed including at le ...

Jeffrey P Bezos, Warren Adams, Kenneth L Dinovo, Ryan J Snodgrass, Brian Robertson, Jennifer A Jacobi: Methods and systems for distributing information within a dynamically defined community. Amazon com, Knobbe Martens Olson & Bear, October 7, 2008: US07433832 (229 worldwide citation)

One embodiment of the present invention distributes data via a network to remotely located users. Historical purchase information for a first user is stored in a database. Authorization is received over a network from the first user allowing a second user to view at least a portion of the historical ...