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A surgical stapling and severing instrument (10) particularly suited to endoscopic procedures incorporates a handle (20) that produces separate closing and firing motions to actuate an end effector (12). In particular, the handle produces multiple firing strokes in order to reduce the required amoun ...

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The present invention relates to an ultrasound treatment clamp. The ultrasound treatment clamp comprises ultrasound therapy applicators and handles connected to the ultrasound therapy applicators. The handles are clamp-shaped. The two ultrasound therapy applicators with their central axes overlappin ...

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Portion-capsules or cartridges (1) have different types of coffee. A beverage machine is designed to brew hot coffee using the cartridges. The machine has a pressurized-water pump, a cartridge holder (B) which is designed to receive a cartridge, and an electronic controller. The cartridges have resp ...


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Method for label-free sequencing of nucleic acid-single strand comprises (a) incubating solid phase immobilized DNA-probes with single stranded nucleic acid analytes for forming a hybridizing complex; (b) adding one of the four nucleoside; (c) inducing the nucleoside triphosphate to release pyrophos ...

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A method and apparatus for variable accuracy inter-picture timing specification for digital video encoding is disclosed. Specifically the present invention discloses a system that allows the relative timing of nearby video pictures to be encoded in a very efficient manner. In one embodiment, the dis ...

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An image forming device (40) may be provided with a setting data storage device (60), a preview image creation device (48,54), and an output device (54,64). The setting data storage device (60) may be capable of storing a plurality of combinations of setting data (108,118,128). The preview image cre ...