Marc Van Damme
Johan Loccufier, Bert Groenendaal, Marc Van Damme, Huub Van Aert: Heat-sensitive lithographic printing plate precursor. Agfa Graphics, Leydig Voit & Mayer, September 16, 2008: US07425402

A heat-sensitive lithographic printing plate precursor is disclosed which comprises a hydrophilic support and an oleophilic coating comprising an infrared absorbing agent and a developer soluble polymer which comprises a phenolic monomeric unit wherein the phenyl group of the phenolic monomeric unit ...

David C Racenet, Ralph Stearns, John W Beardsley, Philip Roy, Lee Ann Olson: Surgical stapling device. Tyco Healthcare Group, September 16, 2008: US07424965 (431 worldwide citation)

A surgical device is disclosed which includes a handle portion, a central body portion and a SULU. The SULU includes a proximal body portion, an intermediate pivot member and a tool assembly. The intermediate pivot member is pivotally secured to the proximal body portion about a first pivot axis and ...

John D DeNuzzio, William E Strohben Jr: Minimally-invasive system and method for monitoring analyte levels. Becton Dickinson and Company, Alan W Fiedler, Roylance Abrams Berdo & Goodman, September 16, 2008: US07426408 (257 worldwide citation)

A minimally-invasive analyte detecting device and method for using the same. The system and method employ a device having an active electrode optionally coated with a substance, and a counter-electrode that is configured at least partially surround the active electrode. The configuration of the auxi ...

Xiaonan Zhang, Michael Xiaonan Wang: Standard cell library having cell drive strengths selected according to delay. VeriSilicon Holdings, Lumen Patent Firm, September 16, 2008: US07426710 (178 worldwide citation)

A cell library which enables reduced quantization over-design in large scale circuit design is provided. Library cells having the same cell function have drive strengths selected to provide delays about equal to a predetermined set of design delays, at a nominal load corresponding to the cell functi ...

Christopher James Danek, Bryan Loomas, Michael Biggs, Keith M Burger, Dave Haugaard, Thomas Keast, John Arthur Ross, Michael D Laufer: Devices for modification of airways by transfer of energy. Asthmatx, Levine Bagade Han, September 16, 2008: US07425212 (171 worldwide citation)

This relates to a device for treating lung disease, and more particularly, relates to a device for exchanging energy with airway tissue such as that found in the airways of human lungs. The exchange of energy with this airway tissue in the airways reduces the ability of the airways to constrict and/ ...

Tatsushi Nashida, Naoto Ozaki: System and method for supporting interactive user interface operations and storage medium. Sony Corporation, Frommer Lawrence & Haug, William S Frommer, Thomas F Presson, September 16, 2008: US07426467 (167 worldwide citation)

There is provided a system for supporting interactive operations for inputting user commands to a household electric apparatus such as a television set/monitor and information apparatuses. According to the system for supporting interactive operations applying an animated character called a personifi ...

Harold J Vinegar: Vacuum pumping of conductor-in-conduit heaters. Shell Oil Company, September 16, 2008: US07424915 (141 worldwide citation)

Certain embodiments provide a method that includes placing a heater element in an opening in a subsurface formation. The heater element is in a conduit. A pressure is reduced inside the conduit to a pressure below the vapor pressure of water at the temperature in the conduit.

John G Kennedy: System and method for determining availability of an arbitrary network configuration. Sun Microsystems, Robert C Kowert, Meyertons Hood Kivlin Kowert & Goetzel P C, September 16, 2008: US07426554 (127 worldwide citation)

A method of operating a network system may involve receiving data indicating a configuration of components that are included in the network system, detecting a failure of one of the components, computing an availability (e.g., by calculating the instantaneous availability) of the network system from ...

Douglas C Elliott, Jianli Hu, Todd R Hart, Gary G Neuenschwander: Palladium catalyzed hydrogenation of bio-oils and organic compounds. Battelle Memorial Institute, Derek Maughan, Frank Rosenberg, September 16, 2008: US07425657 (123 worldwide citation)

The invention provides palladium-catalyzed hydrogenations of bio-oils and certain organic compounds. Experimental results have shown unexpected and superior results for palladium-catalyzed hydrogenations of organic compounds typically found in bio-oils.

Kenneth Schofield, Mark L Larson: Vision system for a vehicle. Donnelly Corporation, Van Dyke Gardner Linn & Burkhart, September 16, 2008: US07425076 (116 worldwide citation)

A vision system for a vehicle includes an imaging sensor and a logic and control circuit, which generates at least one control output for controlling at least one vehicular light of the vehicle. The vision system recognizes veiling glare caused by scattered light in the field of view exterior and fo ...