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The present invention relates to steroidal alkaloids useful in the treatment of hedgehog pathway related disorders, particularly cancers.

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A method and system for generating information about portable device advertising is disclosed. Embodiments are directed to a mechanism for distinguishing advertisements accessed by actual portable devices and/or emulated portable devices, where the distinguished advertisements may then be used to ge ...

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(EN) Provided is a maneuvering system of small size and light weight, which is excellent in operability and which has an inner force sense presenting function. When the automatic operation of a slave manipulator (105) following the manual operation of a master manipulator (101) is bilaterally contro ...

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A float (1 ) suitable for use as a buoy or as a component for a wave-powered vehicle. The float (1 ) includes an upper member (12) whose height can be changed and/or which remained substantially vertical even when the float is in wave-bearing water. A low drag cable (2) suitable for use as a tether ...

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The invention relates to an electrode system (200) that is particularly suited for deep brain stimulation. According to a preferred embodiment, the electrode system (200) comprises an elongated probe body (202) carrying a plurality of annular stimulation electrodes (201) of radius r and axial extens ...

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Light emitting systems and method of fabricating the same are disclosed. The light emitting system includes two or more monolithically integrated luminescent elements. Each luminescent element includes an electroluminescent device and a dedicated switching circuit for driving the electroluminescent ...

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A method and arrangement for remotely controlling the communication of media between devices in different local networks (200, 202) using a remote control device (200b). The remote control device obtains discovery information on a first device (200c) and sends a remote access request over a multimed ...

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A power supply system for a firearm including a plurality of leads disposed in a rail for providing power to an electric firearm accessory attached thereto and an electric firearm accessory including connectors for electrically connecting to leads disposed in a rail on which the accessory is mounted ...

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An absorbent article comprises a topsheet joined to a backsheet and has an absorbent core material disposed therebetween, the absorbent core material being a fibrous absorbent material exhibiting on one side thereof discrete raised portions or out-of-plane deformations. In one aspect, the raised por ...

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A microelectromechanical system (MEMS) device (800) is provided. In one embodiment, the MEMS device includes a transparent substrate (804), and a plurality of modulators (802). The plurality of modulators (802) includes an optical stack (806, 808, 814) coupled to the transparent substrate; in which ...