Yanning Song Yanning Song
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A storage voltage of a battery pack is controlled with control electronics. The storage voltage of a battery pack is sensed, and a discharge mechanism is triggered if the storage voltage is within a predetermined range of voltage, to thereby adjust the storage voltage of the battery pack to below th ...

Zheng Ruobin: A system for interconnecting between an optical network and a wireless communication network and communication method thereof. Huawei Tech, September 10, 2008: EP1968250-A1 (64 worldwide citation)

A system and communication method for the system interconnecting the optical network with the radio communication network is provided. The solution mainly applies to an optical access network employing fiber for transmission and the radio communication network connected to the optical access network ...

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A virtual library, with at least two associated storage devices, is selected in response to receiving a request to perform a storage operation. The devices may be associated using an index. The library may be selected because the storage devices have a characteristic in the request. The library may ...

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An X-ray CT apparatus has an image generating unit and a blood flow information acquiring unit. The image generating unit acquires projection data at rest and at non-rest from a myocardial part of an object into which contrast medium is injected continuously in a state in which each concentration of ...

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A unit for recording operating information of an electronically commutated motor (ECM) is described. The unit includes a system controller communicatively coupled to an ECM. The system controller includes a processing device configured to control the unit. The unit also includes a memory device comm ...

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A camera mounting device for use in a true colour terrestrial laser scanner comprises a bracket 1 for attachment to a support structure 2 and a camera mounting member 20. The device provides for the position of the camera to be fixed with respect to the bracket in three orthogonal planes and to be s ...