Belgacem Haba Belgacem (Bel) Haba
Belgacem Haba: Memory module. Rambus, Morgan Lewis & Bockius, August 26, 2008: US07417871 (1 worldwide citation)

The memory module includes a substantially rigid first circuit board having at least one memory chip disposed thereon. The memory module also includes a substantially rigid second circuit board having an array of electrical contact points disposed on a planar surface thereof. A flexible connector el ...

Durga Malladi
Yongbin Wei, Durga P Malladi, Stein Lundby, Tao Chen, Serge Willenegger: Systems and methods for hierarchically demodulating and decoding a data signal using a pilot signal and an additional signal. QUALCOMM Incorporated, Hossaine Beladi, Larry J Moskowitz, Thomas Rouse, August 26, 2008: US07418064 (11 worldwide citation)

Systems and methods for demodulating and decoding signals on a multi-path data channel using a pilot signal and at least one additional signal as a demodulation reference. One embodiment includes a method in which a pilot signal is used to demodulate and decode an additional signal, and then both th ...

Frederick E Shelton IV, John N Ouwerkerk, Jerome R Morgan, Jeffrey S Swayze: Motor-driven surgical cutting and fastening instrument with loading force feedback. Ethicon Endo Surgery, August 26, 2008: US07416101 (618 worldwide citation)

A surgical cutting and fastening instrument is disclosed. According to various embodiments, the instrument includes an end effector, a main drive shaft assembly, and a handle. The handle comprises a gear drive train connected to the main drive shaft assembly, a motor for actuating the gear drive tra ...

Todd F Mozer, Forrest S Mozer, Erich B Adams: System and method for controlling the operation of a device by voice commands. Sensory, Chad R Walsh, Fountainhead Law Group PC, August 26, 2008: US07418392 (360 worldwide citation)

The present invention includes a speech recognition system comprising a light element, a power control switch, the power control switch varying the power delivered to the light element, a controller, a microphone, a speech recognizer coupled to the microphone for recognizing speech input signals and ...

Jeff T Suri: Fluorescent dyes for use in glucose sensing. Glumetrics, Knobbe Martens Olson & Bear, August 26, 2008: US07417164 (248 worldwide citation)

A novel class of compounds that includes HPTS-Cys-MA, and methods of making them are disclosed herein. The class of compounds including HPTS-Cys-MA are useful as fluorescent dyes for analyte detection.

Wolf Ekkehard Blanz, Ali Bani Hashemi: Spot-size effect reduction. Siemens Medical Solutions USA, August 26, 2008: US07418078 (234 worldwide citation)

A radiographic imaging device includes an X-ray source having a finite focal spot characterized by a determined intensity distribution. The X-ray source emits a beam of X-ray radiation toward an object. A detector assembly receives at least part of the X-ray radiation after it passes through the obj ...

Cang Lam, Rich Ewers, Alexander Khairkhahan, Vahid C Saadat: Apparatus and methods for forming and securing gastrointestinal tissue folds. USGI Medical, Levine Bagade Han, Charles C Fowler Esq, August 26, 2008: US07416554 (233 worldwide citation)

Apparatus and methods are provided for forming a gastrointestinal tissue fold by engaging tissue at a first tissue contact point, moving the first tissue contact point from a position initially distal to a second tissue contact point to a position proximal of the second contact point to form a tissu ...

Alan Kavanagh: Method, security system control module and policy server for providing security in a packet-switched telecommunications system. Telefonaktiebolaget LM Ericsson, Alex Nicolaesco, Ericsson Canada, August 26, 2008: US07418253 (184 worldwide citation)

A method, security system control module and policy server for providing security for Mobile Stations (MSs) in a Packet-Switched Telecommunications System. When an MS accesses the system, its identity is sent to a security system control module that retrieves a security profile associated with the M ...

Xinye Liu, Joshua Collins, Kaihan A Ashtiani: Adsorption based material removal process. Novellus Systems, Weaver Austin Villeneuve & Sampson, August 26, 2008: US07416989 (161 worldwide citation)

Methods for accurate and conformal removal of atomic layers of materials make use of the self-limiting nature of adsorption of at least one reactant on the substrate surface. In certain embodiments, a first reactant is introduced to the substrate in step (a) and is adsorbed on the substrate surface ...

Myong Ju Kim: Mobile communication terminal, wireless data service authentication server, system for automatically blocking voice call connection, and method of processing various messages in mobile communication terminal. Pantech & Curitel Communications, Oblon Spivak McClelland Maier & Neustadt P C, August 26, 2008: US07418257 (159 worldwide citation)

Disclosed is a technology for preventing a legitimate terminal's user from being damaged due to the fraudulent usage of a cloned terminal. A mobile communication terminal transmits authentication information containing terminal usage time information to a wireless network according to a voice call c ...