David Sherrer
David W Sherrer, John J Fisher: Coaxial waveguide microstructures having an active device and methods of formation thereof. Rohm and Haas Electronic Materials, Jonathan D Baskin, July 29, 2008: US07405638 (37 worldwide citation)

Provided are coaxial waveguide microstructures. The microstructures include a substrate and a coaxial waveguide disposed above the substrate. The coaxial waveguide includes: a center conductor; an outer conductor including one or more walls, spaced apart from and disposed around the center conductor ...

Andrew Bi Qiang
Qiang Bi, KianKeong Ooi, TaiVie Chiang, WingKong Chiang, Edmun ChianSong Seng, Jimmy Pang, BengWee Quak, UttHeng Kan, Xiong Liu, Ricardo SoonLian Lim, Patrick TaiHeng Wong, MingZhong Ding, WeiMing Yeow: Data storage medium with optimized servo format. Seagate Technology, McCarthy Law Group, July 29, 2008: US07405893 (26 worldwide citation)

A data storage medium and data storage system with improved efficiency of formatting are provided. One illustrative embodiment of the present invention pertains to a data storage medium. The data storage medium includes a first zone having servo information written with a first frequency, a second z ...

M H Reddy
Bijon Nag, Manyam Hemadri Reddy, Muthusamy Ramalingam, Kesavan Rajagopal: Twin recliner for automotive seats. IFB Automotive Private, Birch Stewart Kolasch & Birch, July 29, 2008: US07404604 (12 worldwide citation)

A twin recliner operable manually for permitting selective position of a seat back with respect to the seat cushion through a range of reclined positions to a selected use position. Said twin recliner comprising: a master and a slave recliner, a shaft arm member with a longitudinal cleavage on one s ...

Durga Malladi
Serge Willenegger, Durga P Malladi, Josef J Blanz: Method and apparatus for reducing inter-channel interference in a wireless communication system. Larry J Moskowitz, Thomas Rouse, July 29, 2008: US07406065 (34 worldwide citation)

Method and apparatus for reducing interference in a wireless communication system when the source of interference is a deterministic component of the system. In one embodiment, the receiver weights the transmitters according to when the source of interference is transmitted. Further, the transmitter ...

Kevin W Smith, Matthew A Palmer, Korey Robert Kline, Derek Dee Deville: Surgical stapling and cutting device. Ethicon Endo Surgery, Mayback & Hoffman P A, Gregory L Mayback, Scott D Smiley, July 29, 2008: US07404508 (822 worldwide citation)

A medical device includes a control handle, an end effector, and a passive articulating joint connecting the end effector to the handle. The handle has a stapling actuator, an articulation joint actuator different from the stapling actuator, and a body through which the stapling and articulation joi ...

Mark Ortiz, Frederick Shelton IV, Jeffrey Swayze: Electroactive polymer-based articulation mechanism for linear stapler. Ethicon Endo Surgery, Nutter McClennen & Fish, July 29, 2008: US07404509 (468 worldwide citation)

Methods and devices are provided for actuating and/or articulating a surgical stapler. In one embodiment, a surgical stapler is provided having a stapling mechanism or end effector that is movably coupled to a distal end of an elongate shaft. An electrically expandable and contractible actuator, suc ...

Christopher T Szeto, Henri Torgemane, Thyagarajapuram Swaminathan Ramakrishnan: System and method for instant messaging using an e-mail protocol. Yahoo, Morrison & Foerster, July 29, 2008: US07406501 (305 worldwide citation)

Systems and methods allowing an instant messaging user to exchange messages with an e-mail user. To the instant messaging user, the experience is a seamless exchange of instant messages; to the e-mail user, the experience is a seamless exchange of e-mail messages. Conversion of an instant message to ...

William E Webler, James D Breeding, Brad D Bisson, Firas Mourtada, Gregory M Hyde, Stephanie A Szobota, Gabriel Asongwe, Jeffrey T Ellis: Valve aptation assist device. Advanced Cardiovascular Systems, Blakely Sokoloff Taylor & Zafman, July 29, 2008: US07404824 (286 worldwide citation)

An apparatus including a tether, and an aptation device coupled to the tether at a position corresponding to a location to contact cusps of an atrioventricular valve during systole, wherein the tether and aptation device are suitable for percutaneous delivery to a patient. An apparatus including a s ...

Guy Viart, Eric Leroy, Jean Yves Leroy, Arnaud Pommier: Surgical instrument. Orthotec, Blakely Sokoloff Taylor & Zafman, July 29, 2008: US07404822 (180 worldwide citation)

A surgical instrument includes: grip handles (2, 3) which are articulated to each other around a fulcrum pin (4) so that the jaws can be moved from an open position to a closed position; and connecting elements (5) which can be used to: (i) lock the handles (2, 3) in a determined, constant position ...

Barry H Ginsberg: System for determining insulin dose using carbohydrate to insulin ratio and insulin sensitivity factor. Becton Dickinson and Company, Roylance Abrams Berdo & Goodman L, July 29, 2008: US07404796 (179 worldwide citation)

An apparatus and method are provided for determining a patient's carbohydrate to insulin ratio (CIR) and insulin sensitivity factor (ISF), and using these values, along with values for current blood glucose level and deviation from target blood glucose level, for determining insulin dose in view of ...