Eb Eshun
Anil K Chinthakindi, Timothy J Dalton, Ebenezer E Eshun, Jeffrey P Gambino, Anthony K Stamper, Kunal Vaed: Methods of fabricating passive element without planarizing and related semiconductor device. International Business Machines Corporation, Lisa Jaklitsch, Hoffman Warnick, July 1, 2008: US07394145 (5 worldwide citation)

Methods of fabricating a passive element and a semiconductor device including the passive element are disclosed including the use of a dummy passive element. A dummy passive element is a passive element or wire which is added to the chip layout to aid in planarization but is not used in the active c ...

Eb Eshun
Douglas D Coolbaugh, Timothy J Dalton, Daniel C Edelstein, Ebenezer E Eshun, Jeffrey P Gambino, Kevin S Petrarca, Anthony K Stamper, Richard P Volant: Planar vertical resistor and bond pad resistor. International Business Machines Corporation, Lisa U Jaklitsch, Hoffman Warnick, July 1, 2008: US07394110 (4 worldwide citation)

Resistors that avoid the problems of miniaturization of semiconductor devices and a related method are disclosed. In one embodiment, a resistor includes a planar resistor material that extends vertically within at least one metal layer of a semiconductor device. In another embodiment, a resistor inc ...

Wee Piak Chan
Wee Piak Chan: Apparatus and method of acquiring and storing data of close contacts. Amplus Communication, Blakely Sokoloff Taylor & Zafman, Stephen M De Klerk, July 1, 2008: US07394370 (3 worldwide citation)

A method of recording close contacts for disease control, the method including the steps of using a device to transmit identity and date/time of contact details to a similar device for each close contact. Identity details of the similar device are received and store for at least predetermined time f ...

Maged Beshai
Maged E Beshai, Dominic John Goodwill: Distributed space-time-space switch. Nortel Networks, Withrow & Terranova PLLC, July 1, 2008: US07394806 (12 worldwide citation)

A wide-coverage, high-capacity, switching network is modeled after a classical space-time-space switch. In the switching network, each of the space stages comprises geographically distributed optical space switches and the time stage comprises a plurality of geographically distributed high-capacity ...




John Crescenti, Srinivas Kavuri, David Alan Oshinsky, Anand Prahlad: Hierarchical backup and retrieval system. CommVault Systems, Knobbe Martens Olson & Bear, July 1, 2008: US07395282 (347 worldwide citation)

The invention is a hierarchical backup system. The interconnected network computing devices are put into groups of backup cells. A backup cell has a manager software agent responsible maintaining and initiating a backup regime for the network computing devices in the backup cell. The backups are dir ...

Benjamin Spenser, Netanel Benichu, Assaf Bash, Avraham Zakai: Implantable prosthetic valve. Edwards Lifesciences PVT, David L Hauser, July 1, 2008: US07393360 (214 worldwide citation)

A valve prosthesis device is disclosed suitable for implantation in body ducts. The device comprises support stent, comprised of a deployable construction adapted to be initially crimped in a narrow configuration suitable for catheterization through the body duct to a target location and adapted to ...

Thomas Wenchell: Surgical hand access apparatus. Tyco Healthcare Group, July 1, 2008: US07393322 (172 worldwide citation)

A surgical access apparatus includes a liner base and an access housing for positioning outside the body. The liner base includes an inner member adapted for insertion through an opening within body tissue for positioning within the body; a sleeve member connected to the inner member and dimensioned ...

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