Sagy Pundak Mintz
Burns Michael J, Mintz Sagy P, Herz Eric M, Deitz Alexander D: Order placement in an electronic trading environment. Trading Tech Int, June 25, 2008: EP1934922-A2

A system and associated methods are provided for intelligent placement and movement of orders in an electronic trading environment. According to one example method, in addition to submitting a leg order at a calculated price level, additional orders, queue holder orders, are submitted for the leg or ...

Bahman Qawami
Qawami Bahman, Jagond Coulomb Fabrice, Sabet Sharghi Farshid, Holtzman Michael, Caillon Pascal, Dwyer Patricia, Mcavoy Paul, Vargas Pedro, Yuan Po, Chang Robert C: Mobile memory system for secure storage and delivery of media content. Sandisk, June 25, 2008: EP1934878-A2

The memory device contains control structures that allow media content to be stored securely and distributed in a manner envisioned by the content owner, or service providers involved in the distribution. A wide variety of different avenues become available for distributing media content using such ...

Viola Frank J: Staple drive for articulating surgical stapler. Tyco Healthcare, June 25, 2008: EP1935351-A2 (158 worldwide citation)

An articulating surgical instrument (10) is provided including a handle (12), an articulating portion (14) extending distally of the handle and an end effector (16) positioned on a distal end of the articulating portion. A flexible drive band is provided for movement through the articulating portion ...

Authentication policy. British Telecomm, June 25, 2008: EP1978772-A1 (156 worldwide citation)

A method of managing an authentication policy in a mobile telecommunications device, wherein the mobile telecommunications device comprises a plurality of security module applications, said method comprising the steps of: providing a profile associated with each of the plurality of security module a ...

Hyun Jae Woong, Park Kyu Charn, Park Yoon Dong, Kim Won Joo, Jin Young Gu, Kim Suk Pil, Cho Kyoung Lae, Lee Yung Hoon, Song Seung Hwan: Non-volatile memory device and method of operating the same. Samsung Electronics, June 25, 2008: EP1936681-A1 (53 worldwide citation)

A highly integrated non-volatile memory device and a method of operating the non-volatile memory device are provided. The non-volatile memory device includes a semiconductor layer (110). A plurality of upper control gate electrodes (130a) are arranged above the semiconductor layer. A plurality of lo ...

Lesso John Paul, Pennock John, Frith Peter John: Charge pump circuit with dual rail output. Wolfson Microelectronics, June 25, 2008: GB2444984-A (44 worldwide citation)

Disclosed is a dual mode charge-pump circuit for providing a plurality of output voltages Vout+, Vout-, using a single flying capacitor Cf. The circuit comprises a network of switches 410 that is operable in a number of different states and a controller 420 for operating the switches 410 in a sequen ...

Roche Didier, Cardinato Denis, Doare Liliane: 2-adamantyl-butyramide derivatives as selective 11beta-hsd1 inhibitors. Merck Sante Sas, June 25, 2008: EP1935420-A1 (36 worldwide citation)

The present invention relates to 2-adamantyl-butyramide derivatives of formula I as selective inhibitors of the enzyme 11-beta-hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase type 1 (11 -HSD-1) and the use of such compounds for the treatment and prevention of metabolic syndrome, diabetes, insulin resistance, obesity, ...

Daniel Jurgen H, Debruyker Dirk, Chow Eugene M: Printing plate and system using heat-decomposable polymers. Palo Alto Res Ct, June 25, 2008: EP1935640-A2 (26 worldwide citation)

A printing plate has a substrate (10) and a heat decomposable polymer layer (12) arranged adjacent to the substrate, the decomposable polymer having defined regions (14) within the polymer layer to form a printing pattern. The printing plate may be used in a printing system. The printing plate is fo ...

Aitchison Michael William: A facility decontamination system. Validated Hygiene Solutions Lt, June 25, 2008: EP1935515-A2 (24 worldwide citation)

A facility decontamination system has at least one nozzle (10) permanently sited within the facility (12), a liquid aerosol dispenser (14) located outside the facility and means (16) for coupling the external liquid aerosol dispenser (14) to the nozzle (10). The liquid aerosol dispenser means (14) h ...