Deodatta Shenai-Khatkhate
Deodatta Vinayak Shenai Khatkhate, Egbert Woelk: Organometallic compounds. Rohm and Haas Electronic Materials, S Matthew Cairns, June 24, 2008: US07390360 (4 worldwide citation)

Compositions useful in the manufacture of compound semiconductors are provided. Methods of manufacturing compound semiconductors using these compositions are also provided.

Eugene Fitzgerald
Zhiyuan Cheng, Eugene A Fitzgerald, Dimitri Antoniadis: Method of forming a digitalized semiconductor structure. Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Gauthier & Connors, June 24, 2008: US07390701 (9 worldwide citation)

A multiple-gate FET structure includes a semiconductor substrate. A gate region is formed on the semiconductor substrate. The gate region comprises a gate portion and a channel portion. The gate portion has at least two opposite vertical surfaces adjacent to the channel portion. A source region abut ...

Riten Jaiswal, Francis MacDougall: Orientation-sensitive signal output. GestureTek, Fish & Richardson P C, June 24, 2008: US07389591 (369 worldwide citation)

The selection and output of a signal, such as an alphanumeric character, is provided depending upon the orientation of a device, such as a mobile telephone. In particular, a neutral position of a device is determined in relation to at least a first axis, the device including at least a first control ...

Hendrik S Westra, Cang C Lam, Richard C Ewers, Vahid Saadat: Methods for grasping and cinching tissue anchors. USGI Medical, Levine Bagade Han, Charles C Fowler, June 24, 2008: US07390329 (264 worldwide citation)

Methods and apparatus for controlled grasping and cinching or locking of a tissue anchor are provided. In one variation, a tube is provided having a lumen and a resilient member that obstructs the lumen. A grasper may be advanced coaxially through the lumen, such that it reversibly displaces the res ...

Tal Dayan, Ofer Goren, Dan Kikinis, William Ward Maggs: Alternative wirefree mobile device power supply method and system with free positioning. Holland & Knight, John P Moran, June 24, 2008: US07392068 (235 worldwide citation)

The invention provides a power delivery system for a mobile device. The power delivery system includes a contactor device and a plurality of first electrical contacts on the contactor device disposed in an interspersed arrangement wherein first electrical contacts of one polarity are interspersed wi ...

Scott Taylor, John R Brustad, Boun Pravong, Judith Howe legal representative: Universal access seal. Applied Medical Resources Corporation, Patrick Y Ikehara, Kenneth K Vu, June 24, 2008: US07390317 (213 worldwide citation)

A surgical access device including a valve housing and an instrument receiving element mounted in the valve housing having an aperture for flexibly receiving and directing instruments having a wide range of diameters. The instrument receiving element includes a braid or mesh tube generally shaped li ...

Ian M Bennett: Speech based learning/training system using semantic decoding. Phoenix Solutions, J Nicholas Gross, June 24, 2008: US07392185 (198 worldwide citation)

An intelligent query system for processing voiced-based queries is disclosed, which uses a combination of both statistical and semantic based processing to identify the question posed by the user by understanding the meaning of the user's utterance. Based on identifying the meaning of the utterance, ...

José Luis Moctezuma de La Barrera: System and method of registering image data to intra-operatively digitized landmarks. Stryker Leibinger & Co KG, McCracken & Frank, June 24, 2008: US07392076 (171 worldwide citation)

A two dimensional image is registered with mechanical axis data, and possibly other data, using a surgical navigation system. This provides the user with additional graphical information on a display screen as the procedure is performed. The mechanical axis data can be generated using an anatomical ...

Yan Zhou, Matthew J Everett: Fourier domain optical coherence tomography employing a swept multi-wavelength laser and a multi-channel receiver. Carl Zeiss Meditec, Stallman & Pollock, June 24, 2008: US07391520 (170 worldwide citation)

The present invention is an alternative Fourier domain optical coherence system (FD-OCT) and its associated method. The system comprises a swept multi-wavelength laser, an optical interferometer and a multi-channel receiver. By employing a multi-wavelength laser, the sweeping range for each lasing w ...

Bruce M Schena: Mechanically decoupled capstan drive. Intuitive Surgical, June 24, 2008: US07391173 (158 worldwide citation)

A capstan drive includes a first capstan that moves a device on a carriage and a second capstan that receives a second rotary motion to move the carriage. A first power transmission has a driven shaft coupled to the first capstan, a first drive shaft coaxial with the driven shaft to receive a first ...