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An approach is provided for supporting retrieval of a web page over a data network from a web site is disclosed. A downstream proxy communicating with a host executing a browser receives a request message from a browser to retrieve the web page. An upstream proxy parses the web page to determine an ...

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An apparatus for adjusting the transmission bit rate and fragmentation threshold of a wireless station in response to transmission errors is disclosed. In particular, the illustrative embodiment of the present invention is based on a wireless station that employs both an IEEE 802.11 radio and a Blue ...

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A system and method for identifying and establishing preferred modalities or channels for communications based on participants' preferences and capabilities is provided. In one approach, the system attempts to optimize the inferred or directly accessed preferences of a contactee given the accessed o ...

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A medical assembly includes a multi-wire lead having a plurality of coiling loops. The multi-wire lead has a gap region and a non-gap region. The gap region has adjacent coiling loops of the multi-wire lead with gaps therebetween so as to form different impedance in the gap region than impedance in ...

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A packer or plug features a main sealing element that swells after a delay long enough to get it into proper position. A sleeve eventually goes away to let the well fluids at the main sealing element to start the swelling process until contact with the surrounding tubular or the wellbore is establis ...

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A ring electrode for an implantable medical device includes a conductive tubular member adapted to be attached to a lead body and having a continuous generally helical slot formed therein to form a coil thereby enabling omni directional bending. The coil is of flattened cross section and in one embo ...

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The present invention provides immunostimulatory combinations. Generally, the immunostimulatory combinations include a TLR agonist and a TNF/R agonist. Certain immunostimulatory combinations also may include an antigen.

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Connection structures on an extra-vascular electrode lead body improve strain relief and strengthen the transition region where electrical conductors carried by the lead body are joined to individual electrodes at the distal end of the lead. The electrodes include structure or mechanisms for externa ...

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Embodiments may comprise methods, apparatuses, systems, and one or more computer-readable media having computer-readable instructions thereon for adjusting a laser retroreflector to compensate for passing laser light through a window of the retroreflector comprising: determining an adjustment factor ...

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Both a system and method for optically powering a network component, such as the transponder of a picocell, is provided. The system includes a vertical cavity surface emitting laser (VCSEL) for processing an input signal, a remotely-located optical power source, and an optical fiber for conducting o ...