Gary Allan Kemp II, Jens Uwe Schluetter, Harris Brumfield, Michael Burns, Scott Singer: Trading tools for electronic trading. Trading Technologies International, McDonnell Boehnen Hulbert & Berghoff, June 17, 2008: US07389268 (294 worldwide citation)

Tools for trading and monitoring a commodity on an electronic exchange using a graphical user interface and a user input device. The tools will aid the trader in determining the status, trends in the market, and the trader's position in the market. Included is a system and method for displaying an i ...

Nicholas J Elsey, Michael A Kepler, Timothy A Timmins, Michael T Samudio: Technique for providing personalized information and communications services. Metro One Telecommunications, Kaye Scholer, June 17, 2008: US07388950 (262 worldwide citation)

A user may utilize a communication device, e.g., a wireless phone, mobile device or personal digital assistant (PDA), to contact an information/call center where an operator provides personalized information and communications services to the user in accordance with the invention. Such services incl ...

Jorge Lopez de Cardenas, Gary L Rytlewski, Matthew R Hackworth: System for completing multiple well intervals. Schlumberger Technology Corporation, Fred G Pruner, Daryl R Wright, Bryan P Galloway, June 17, 2008: US07387165 (226 worldwide citation)

A system for completing a well with multiple zones of production includes a casing having a plurality of valves that are integrated therein for isolating each well zone. Communication is established between each underlying formation and the interior of the casing, and a treatment fluid is delivered ...

Herbert Buschbeck, Gertraud Lammer, Alfred Chalupka, Robert Nowak, Elmar Platzgummer, Gerhard Stengl: Particle-optical projection system. IMS Nanofabrication, RatnerPrestia, June 17, 2008: US07388217 (222 worldwide citation)

In a particle-optical projection system a pattern is imaged onto a target by means of energetic electrically charged particles. The pattern is represented in a patterned beam of said charged particles emerging from the object plane through at least one cross-over; it is imaged into an image with a g ...

John Crescenti, Srinivas Kavuri, David Alan Oshinsky, Anand Prahlad: Modular backup and retrieval system. CommVault Systems, Knobbe Martens Olson & Bear, June 17, 2008: US07389311 (210 worldwide citation)

The invention is a modular backup and retrieval system. The software modules making up the backup and retrieval system run independently, and can run either on the same computing devices or on different computing devices. The modular software system coordinates and performs backups of various comput ...

Alfred D Ducharme, Frederick M Morgan, Ihor A Lys, Kevin J Dowling, George G Mueller: Methods and apparatus for generating prescribed spectrums of light. Philips Solid State Lighting Solutions, Wolf Greenfield & Sacks P C, June 17, 2008: US07387405 (177 worldwide citation)

Lighting apparatus and methods involving a plurality of light-emitting devices configured to emit radiation having at least two different spectra, in which the plurality of light-emitting devices are controlled to produce composite radiation having at least one resulting spectrum that simulates a de ...

Simon Litsyn, Eran Sharon, Idan Alrod: Multi-bit-per-cell flash memory device with non-bijective mapping. Sandisk IL, Mark M Friedman, June 17, 2008: US07388781 (163 worldwide citation)

To store a plurality of input bits, the bits are mapped to a corresponding programmed state of one or more memory cells and the cell(s) is/are programmed to that corresponding programmed state. The mapping may be many-to-one or may be an “into” generalized Gray mapping. The cell(s) is/are read to pr ...

David Kitson: Orthopaedic surgery planning. Meridian Technique, Courtney Staniford & Gregory, June 17, 2008: US07388972 (159 worldwide citation)

A computer-implemented method of planning orthopaedic surgery comprises providing a library of templates representing orthopaedic prostheses, displaying and scaling one or more patient images such as X-ray images, allowing a user to reconfigure geometrical constructs displayed over the images to mat ...

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