Shankar M V
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Phosphor compositions having the formula EueMmAaGgQqNnXx, where M is at least one of Be, Mg, Ca, Sr, Ba, Cd, Sn, Pb or Zn; A is at least one of B, Al, Ga, In, Bi, Sc, Y, La or a rare earth element other than Eu; G is at least one of Si or Ge; Q is at least one of O, S, and Se; X is at least one of F ...



Bahman Qawami
Jogand Coulomb Fabrice, Qawami Bahman, Sabet Sharghi Farshid: System and method for generating revenue based on digital content distribution. Sandisk, liuguo wei, June 11, 2008: CN200680017784

A method and system for conducting a transaction involving digital content is provided. The system includes, a first user of a first mobile device connected to a network; a second user of a second mobile device connected to the network; a MNO that is functionally coupled to the first mobile device a ...

Im Seung Joon, Ryu Chang Wan: Horn array antenna for dual linear polarization. Im Seung Joon, Ryu Chang Wan, June 11, 2008: EP1930982-A1 (153 worldwide citation)

The horn array antenna includes a horn (10), a first polarization guide (30), and a second polarization guide (50). The horn (10) guides inputting and outputting radio waves, and includes a inclined section (15) tapered along a propagation direction of a radio wave and having an internal aperture fo ...

Garrison David M, Guerra Paul, Dumbauld Patrick L, Hushka Dylan, Cunningham James S: Insulating boot for electrosurgical forceps. Covidien, June 11, 2008: EP1929970-A1 (125 worldwide citation)

Either an endoscopic or open bipolar forceps includes a flexible, generally tubular insulating boot for insulating patient tissue, while not impeding motion of the jaw members. The jaw members are movable from an open to a closed position and the jaw members are connected to a source of electrosurgi ...

Fowler David N: Adhesive coated stent and insertion instrument. Tyco Healthcare, June 11, 2008: EP1929958-A2 (61 worldwide citation)

A deployment cartridge is provided to insert a coated stent into a junction formed between to tubular tissue sections. The deployment cartridge includes a pusher and a coated stent contained within the pusher. The pusher includes support structure for engagement with the stent. The stent is coated w ...

Wright Joshua Isaac, Subramanian Kanakasabapathi, Premerlani William James, Park John Norton, Howell Edward Keith: Electromechanical switching circuitry in parallel with solid state switching circuitry selectively switchable to carry a load current appropriate to such circuitry. Gen Electric, June 11, 2008: EP1930922-A2 (48 worldwide citation)

A switching system is provided. The switching system includes electromechanical switching circuitry, such as a micro-electromechanical system switching circuitry (202). The system may further include solid state switching circuitry (204) coupled in a parallel circuit with the electromechanical switc ...

Stanton Katherine, Walters Michael R, Thomas Bradley S: Apparatus for delivering a therapeutic substance through an injection port. Becton Dickinson Co, June 11, 2008: EP1930038-A2 (31 worldwide citation)

Adapters for utilizing a syringe or pen injector with a subcutaneous injection port to deliver a therapeutic substance through the injection port and methods of using the adapters are provided. A syringe adapter has a body having a first end and a second end. The first end of the body is configured ...