Yimin DING
Meng Qingyun, Ding Yimin, Sheng Jinggang, Huang Jinhuang, Xu Lei: A demodulation method and device for non contact ic card load modulation data. Beijing Tongfang Microelectronics, May 28, 2008: CN200610114557

A demodulation method and a device thereof for modulation data of non-contact IC card loads relate to the technical field of IC cards. The device of the invention comprises an A/D converter and a threshold decision device. A simulation signal is input by the A/D converter, and the threshold decision ...

Yimin DING
Huang Jinhuang, Sheng Jinggang, Ding Yimin, Xu Lei, Huo Junjie, Hou Shujun, Meng Qingyun: A logic unit for oppositional differential power consumption analysis. Beijing Tongfang Microelectronics, May 28, 2008: CN200610114558

A logic unit confronting differential power analysis relates to the technical field of IC card safety and special device encryption. One output end with 01 output of a first power balance module of the invention and a random signal sel are connected to the input end of a first AND gate, and the othe ...

Matthis Wilfried, Biedermann Lutz: Bone anchoring device. Biedermann Motech, May 28, 2008: EP1925263-A1 (42 worldwide citation)

A bone anchoring device with a shank (2, 102, 202) to be anchored in a bone or vertebra, a head (3, 103, 203), and a receiving part (4) receiving the head (3, 103, 203) for connecting the shank (2, 102, 202) to a rod is provided. The shank (2, 102, 202) and the head (3, 103, 203) are separate parts. ...

Iaquaniello Gaetano: Method and apparatus for integrating a liquid fuel processor and a fuel cell through dual reforming and a gas turbine. Technip Kti S P A, May 28, 2008: EP1926171-A1 (22 worldwide citation)

In the autothermal reforming (ATR) of a liquid fuel processor (LFP), a partially reformed syngas is produced, using a liquid hydrocarbon, marine diesel or automotive diesel for instance, and water vapour as reactants. Such a partially reformed feed is routed to a steam reformer (SR) to complete the ...

De Vilder Gerardus Johannes: Wind turbine main bearing. Harakosan, May 28, 2008: EP1925820-A1 (21 worldwide citation)

The invention concerns a wind turbine comprising a housing (7), a main bearing (12), a rotor rotatable around a more or less horizontal axis comprising vanes mounted in a hub (15), which hub (15) is accessible through the main bearing (12), and a generator whereby the main bearing has a first ring ( ...

Muessig Dirk Dr, Swenson Kurt: Heart stimulator. Biotronik Crm Patent, May 28, 2008: EP1925337-A1 (20 worldwide citation)

A heart stimulator provides for a more appropriate yet simple setting of the AV-delay. The heart stimulator comprises a stimulation pulse generator adapted to generate electric stimulation pulses and connected to a ventricular stimulation electrode for delivering electric stimulation pulses. A sensi ...

Strauch Armin, Gansel Rainer, Wuest Andreas: Catalytic reduction device. Bosch Robert, May 28, 2008: EP1925354-A1 (19 worldwide citation)

The catalytic reduction device for reduction of nitric oxide in a flue gas system for motor vehicle, comprises a reducing agent tank (2), a reducing agent-conveyer system (3) having an electrical conveying pump (8), and a reducing agent-filter (9). The conveyer system is arranged partially and/or di ...