Xavier Baie
Dureseti Chidambarrao, Omer H Dokumaci, Bruce B Doris, Jack A Mandelman, Xavier Baie: Stress inducing spacers. International Business Machines Corporation, H Daniel Schnurmann, May 20, 2008: US07374987 (17 worldwide citation)

A substrate under tension and/or compression improves performance of devices fabricated therein. Tension and/or compression can be imposed on a substrate through selection of appropriate gate sidewall spacer material disposed above a device channel region wherein the spacers are formed adjacent both ...


Mohamed K Diab, Esmaiel Kiani Azarbayjany, Ibrahim M Elfadel, Rex J McCarthy, Walter M Weber, Robert A Smith: Signal processing apparatus. Masimo Corporation, Knobbe Martens Olson & Bear, May 20, 2008: US07376453 (317 worldwide citation)

The present invention involves method and apparatus for analyzing two measured signals that are modeled as containing primary and secondary portions. Coefficients relate the two signals according to a model defined in accordance with the present invention. In one embodiment, the present invention in ...

David E Bernard: Multimodal natural language query system and architecture for processing voice and proximity-based queries. The Intellection Group, Clements Bernard Miller, Christopher L Bernard, Lawrence A Baratta Jr, May 20, 2008: US07376645 (259 worldwide citation)

The present invention provides a wireless natural language query system, architecture, and method for processing multimodally-originated queries, including voice and proximity-based queries. The natural language query system includes a Web-enabled device including a speech input module for receiving ...

Matthew L Pease, Brandon G Walsh, Jibin Yang: Rolled minimally-invasive heart valves and methods of manufacture. Edwards Lifesciences Corporation, Guy Cumberbatch, David L Hauser, May 20, 2008: US07374571 (251 worldwide citation)

Expandable heart valves for minimally invasive valve replacement surgeries are disclosed. The valves are rolled into a first, contracted configuration for minimally invasive delivery using a catheter, and then unrolled or unfurled at the implantation site. One- and two-piece stents may be used in co ...

John Charles Calhoon, Leroy B Keely, William Mitchell: Inductively charged battery pack. Microsoft Corporation, Birch Stewart Kolasch & Birch, May 20, 2008: US07375492 (250 worldwide citation)

An inductive charging systems transfers energy by inductively coupling a source coil on a charging source to a receiver coil on a charging portion of a battery pack. The source current is received in the battery pack and converted to direct current for storage in the battery pack cells. Communicatio ...

Hugh S Njemanze, Pravin S Kothari: Real time monitoring and analysis of events from multiple network security devices. ArcSight, Fenwick & West, May 20, 2008: US07376969 (228 worldwide citation)

Security events generated by a number of network devices are gathered and normalized to produce normalized security events in a common schema. The normalized security events are cross-correlated according to rules to generate meta-events. The security events may be gathered remotely from a system at ...

Dominique M Freeman, Dirk Boecker, Don Alden: Method and apparatus for penetrating tissue. Pelikan Technologies, Paul Davis, Goodwin Procter, May 20, 2008: US07374544 (186 worldwide citation)

These and other objects of the present invention are achieved in a body fluid sampling system for use on a tissue site that includes an electrically powered drive force generator. A penetrating member is operatively coupled to the force generator. The force generator moves the member along a path ou ...

Mona Mayr, Darcy Walker, Yinghua Lin, Guowei Wu, Stephen V Coggeshall: Method and system for evaluating customers of a financial institution using customer relationship value tags. Fair Isaac Corporation, Michael A Glenn, Glenn Patent Group, May 20, 2008: US07376603 (179 worldwide citation)

A computerized method and system for evaluating customers of a financial institution using customer relationship value tags and associated customer treatment actions includes automatically analyzing information about a customer from a database of the financial institution by a customer assessment en ...

Hadi Partovi, Roderick Steven Brathwaite, Angus Macdonald Davis, Michael S McCue, Brandon William Porter, John Giannandrea, Eckart Walther, Eugene Koh, Andy Scott: Method and apparatus for electronic commerce using a telephone interface. Microsoft Corporation, Perkins Coie, May 20, 2008: US07376586 (178 worldwide citation)

A voice portal supporting telephone to web server commerce is described. The voice portal allows users to access web servers using a hypertext transfer protocol (HTTP), optionally including the use of a secure sockets layer (SSL) protocol, to complete commercial transactions. Additionally, embodimen ...

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