Maged Beshai
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A core network shared by a large number of edge nodes comprises core nodes interconnected by core channels. Selected core channels are provided with buffers to enable temporal alignment of signals arriving at any core node from several other core nodes. A buffer may be provided at either end of a co ...



Frederick E Shelton IV, Jeffrey S Swayze, Eugene L Timperman, Leslie M Fugikawa: Surgical stapling instrument having preloaded firing assistance mechanism. Ethicon Endo Surgery, Frost Brown Todd, April 15, 2008: US07357287 (413 worldwide citation)

A surgical severing and stapling instrument clamps tissue in a staple applying assembly comprising a lower jaw of an elongate channel holding a staple cartridge and a pivotally opposed upper jaw (anvil). A firing handle drives a rack in a handle connected to a firing rod and bar that pass through an ...

Barry J French, Kevin R Ferguson: System and method for tracking and assessing movement skills in multidimensional space. Impulse Technology, Renner Otto Boisselle & Sklar, April 15, 2008: US07359121 (402 worldwide citation)

Accurate simulation of sport to quantify and train performance constructs by employing sensing electronics for determining, in essentially real time, the player's three dimensional positional changes in three or more degrees of freedom (three dimensions); and computer controlled sport specific cuing ...

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Methods and apparatus for providing controllable power via an A.C. power source to LED-based lighting devices having an MR16 configuration. In one example, LED-based MR16 lighting devices may be coupled to A.C. power circuits that are controlled by conventional dimmers (i.e, “A.C. dimmer circuits”). ...

Jason B Liebman, Krishna A Bharat: Methods and systems for requesting and providing information in a social network. Google, Fenwick & West, April 15, 2008: US07359894 (225 worldwide citation)

The present invention relates to methods and systems for requesting and providing information in a social network. A method can comprise outputting an information request interface, which can provide a user with the ability to request information from at least one member of a social network associat ...

Taber H Smith, Vikas Mehrotra, David White: Use of models in integrated circuit fabrication. Cadence Design Systems, Bingham McCutchen, April 15, 2008: US07360179 (203 worldwide citation)

A method and system are described to reduce process variation as a result of the electrochemical deposition (ECD), also referred to as electrochemical plating (ECP), and chemical mechanical polishing (CMP) processing of films in integrated circuit manufacturing processes. The described methods use p ...

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A system for propagating information among wireless communication devices in an efficient manner. More specifically, the invention involves regulating the behavior of a wireless communication device (WCD) between a primarily passive mode where client or slave availability is maximized and a primaril ...

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A flexible endoscopic clip applier includes a flexible coil, a manual actuator coupled to one end and a jaw assembly coupled to the other. A store of clips is arranged adjacent to the jaw assembly and a clip pusher adjacent to the store of clips. The actuator includes a lever for opening and closing ...