Ravi Laxman
Ziyun Wang, Ashutosh Misra, Ravi Laxman: Silicon precursors and method for low temperature cvd of silicon-containing films. Air Liquide Electronics Us, Air Liquide, Intellectual Property, April 3, 2008: US20080081106-A1

Novel silicon precursors for low temperature deposition of silicon films are described herein. The disclosed precursors possess low vaporization temperatures, preferably less than about 500° C. In addition, embodiments of the silicon precursors incorporate a —Si—Y—Si— bond, where Y may comprise an a ...

Craig Allen
Craig Allen McEldowney, Mark Richard Mitchell: Tab, tooling for the manufacture of the tab and method of manufacturing the tab. Stolle Machinery Company, Eckert Seamans Cherin & Mellott, April 3, 2008: US20080078764-A1

The invention generally relates to a tab used to open food can ends and beer/beverage can ends. The tab has a nose portion located at a front end of the tab and a lift portion located at a back end of the tab. The tab also has a rivet receiving portion located proximate to the nose portion with a ri ...

James Kraemer Ph.D.
Robert R Friedlander, Richard A Hennessy, James R Kraemer, John Baxter Rollins: System and method to optimize control cohorts using clustering algorithms. International Business Machines Corporation, Duke W Yee, April 3, 2008: US20080082356-A1

A computer implemented method, apparatus, and computer usable program code for automatically selecting an optimal control cohort. Attributes are selected based on patient data. Treatment cohort records are clustered to form clustered treatment cohorts. Control cohort records are scored to form poten ...

Sandeep Tyagi
Amit Biswas, Dibakar Dhara, Raja Krishnamurthy, Edward Kung, Parnasree Maiti, Roopali Rai, Vitthal Abaso Sawant, Rajashekhar Shiddappa Totad, Sandeep Tyagi: Method of making polycarbonate nanocomposites. Sabic Lexan, SABIC Innovative Plastics IP Legal, April 3, 2008: US20080081865-A1

A method of preparing a polycarbonate nanocomposite comprising forming a reactant mixture comprising a nanomaterial, a solvent, a dihydroxy compound and an activated carbonate; and polymerizing the dihydroxy compound and the activated carbonate in the presence of the solvent to form the polycarbonat ...

Bahman Qawami
Fabrice Jogand Coulomb, Bahman Qawami, Farshid Sabet Shargi, Carlos J Gonzalez: Portable Mass Storage Device With Virtual Machine Activation. Winston & Strawn, April 3, 2008: US20080082447-A1

A portable mass storage device is used to store large files such as digital pictures, movies and music. The mass storage device has firmware with security mechanisms that limit access to read write operations to ensure reliable operation of the device to prevent unwanted copying or storing of secure ...

Hess Christopher J, Morgan Jerome R, Weisenburgh Ii William B, Voegele James W, Ortiz Mark, Stokes Michael, Shurtleff Carl, Shelton Iv Frederick E, Swayze Jeffrey S: Surgical staples having compressible or crushable members for securing tissue therein and stapling instruments for deploying the same. Ethicon Endo Surgery, Hess Christopher J, Morgan Jerome R, Weisenburgh Ii William B, Voegele James W, Ortiz Mark, Stokes Michael, Shurtleff Carl, Shelton Iv Frederick E, Swayze Jeffrey S, GEISLER Brian T, April 3, 2008: WO/2008/039270 (392 worldwide citation)

A staple having a crown (1302), a deformable leg (1344) extending from the crown, and a spring (1352) extending from the crown configured to compress tissue between the spring and the deformable member. Owing to the flexibility of the spring, the staple can accommodate a wide range of tissue thickne ...

Omaits Todd Phillip, Thompson Bennie, Shelton Frederick E Iv, Timperman Eugene L: Surgical stapling instrument with mechanical mechanism for limiting maximum tissue compression. Ethicon Endo Surgery, Omaits Todd Phillip, Thompson Bennie, Shelton Frederick E Iv, Timperman Eugene L, GEISLER Brian T, April 3, 2008: WO/2008/039249 (294 worldwide citation)

In various embodiments, the instrument includes a cartridge supporting assembly (1610) for operably supporting a staple cartridge (1616) therein. The cartridge supporting assembly may be responsive to firing and retraction motions applied thereto from a firing assembly (1675). An anvil (1700) may be ...

Honigberg Lee, Verner Erik, Pan Zhengying: Inhibitors of brutons tyrosine kinase. Pharmacyclics, Honigberg Lee, Verner Erik, Pan Zhengying, HOSTETLER Michael J, April 3, 2008: WO/2008/039218 (74 worldwide citation)

Disclosed herein are compounds that form covalent bonds with Bruton's tyrosine kinase (Btk). Also described are irreversible inhibitors of Btk. Methods for the preparation of the compounds are disclosed. Also disclosed are pharmaceutical compositions that include the compounds. Methods of using the ...

Gurin Michael H: Hybrid power generation and energy storage system. Rexorce Thermionics, Gurin Michael H, ROSENBAUM David G, April 3, 2008: WO/2008/039725 (58 worldwide citation)

An integrated and hybrid energy provider and storage device system for enhancing the energy efficiency and minimizing greenhouse gas emissions particularly for systems that utilize energy in a discrete and discontinuous manner, such as plug-in hybrid vehicles (110) is provided. The system provides a ...

Kim Dong Woo: Steering roll connector for a vehicle to control a gap between a rotor and a steering column shaft effectively by installing gap control members to a cancel cam. Hyundai Motor Company, April 3, 2008: KR1020060095235 (58 worldwide citation)

PURPOSE: A steering roll connector for a vehicle is provided to cause a rotor to turn around with less noise by supporting a steering column shaft with gap control members installed around on the inner peripheral surface of a cancel cam. CONSTITUTION: A steering roll connector(20) for a vehicle comp ...