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An intervertebral spacer suitable for fixating a spine, including: a plastically-deformable surface, configured for increasing in diameter by said plastic deformation; and a plurality of protrusions formed of said surface, axially displaced along a long axis of said surface and adapted to stabilize ...

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Welding device (10) comprises a memory part (20) for storing device-specific correction factors which are assigned to a welding process parameter. The correction factor is coupled with a control value to control or regulate the welding process parameter.

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To suppress fluctuation in the threshold voltage of a transistor, to reduce the number of connections of a display panel and a driver IC, to achieve reduction in power consumption of a display device, and to achieve increase in size and high definition of the display device. A gate electrode of a tr ...

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Pharmaceutical composition (A) contains at least one mRNA (I), including at least one region that encodes a tumor antigen (Ag), and an aqueous solvent. An independent claim is also included for a method of preparing (A) that comprises: (a) preparing a (partial) cDNA library from tumor tissue; (b) pr ...

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The present invention relates generally to a device and method for preventing the undesired passage of emboli from a venous blood pool to an arterial blood pool. The invention relates especially to a device and method for treating certain cardiac defects, especially patent foramen ovales and other s ...

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Systems and methods for customising the control of beverage dispensing systems, including an interface for receiving user instructions, logic configured to determine ingredient quantities from stored historical data, gradually adjusting ingredient quantities, adding new beverage programs from extern ...

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A portable system for subatmospheric pressure therapy in connection with healing a surgical wound, includes a wound dressing dimensioned for positioning relative to a wound bed of a subject, a portable subatmospheric pressure mechanism dimensioned to be carried or worn by the subject and a container ...

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System for transcutaneous energy transfer. An implantable medical device, adapted to be implanted in a patient, has componentry for providing a therapeutic output. The implantable medical device has an internal power source and a secondary coil operatively coupled to the internal power source. An ex ...