Craig Allen
Desaraju V Varaprasad, Mingtao Zhao, Craig Allen Dornan, Anoop Agrawal, Niall R Lynam, Pierr Marc Allemand: Exterior electrochromic reflective mirror element for a vehicular rearview mirror assembly. Donnelly Corporation, Vandyke Gardner Linn & Burkhart, March 25, 2008: US07349144 (73 worldwide citation)

An exterior electrochromic reflective mirror element for a vehicular exterior rearview mirror assembly comprises an electrochromic cross-linked polymeric solid film disposed between a first substrate and a second substrate. The electrochromic cross-linked polymeric solid film contacts a transparent ...

Peter A. Bouchard
Anthony J Franceschelli Jr, Jeffrey S Phillips, Peter Bouchard, Serena Doyle: Backup reporting framework graphical user interface. EMC Corporation, Daly Crowley Mofford & Durkee, March 25, 2008: US07350149 (7 worldwide citation)

A backup reporting framework Graphical User Interface (GUI) comprises a combination of components that make it possible to display a Reporting GUI to the customer on the customer's desktop. The framework includes three main components, a server component, a wag-server middleware component, and a mon ...

Andrew Bi Qiang
Qiang Bi, Xiong Liu, LeeLing Tan, Wen Jun Cao, ChoonKiat Lim: Soft sensor for operating shock in a disc drive. Seagate Technology, David K Lucente, Derek J Berger, March 25, 2008: US07349174 (4 worldwide citation)

A method of preventing a write operation to a disc in a disc drive during a shock event without the use of a separate shock sensor comprises steps of monitoring an actuator voice coil motor (VCM) control plant output signal, generating an actuator voice coil motor (VCM) plant model module output sig ...

David Sherrer
David W Sherrer, Noel A Heiks: Optoelectronic component with front to side surface electrical conductor. Rohm and Haas Electronic Materials, Jonathan D Baskin, March 25, 2008: US07348550 (3 worldwide citation)

Provided are optoelectronic components which include an optoelectronic device and a structure for self-aligning the optoelectronic device. Also provided are optoelectronic modules and methods of forming optoelectronic components.

Eugene Fitzgerald
Zhiyuan Cheng, Eugene A Fitzgerald, Dimitri A Antoniadis: Method of fabricating a semiconductor structure that includes transferring one or more material layers to a substrate and smoothing an exposed surface of at least one of the material layers. Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Goodwin Procter, March 25, 2008: US07348259 (12 worldwide citation)

A method of fabricating a semiconductor structure. According to one aspect of the invention, on a first semiconductor substrate, a first compositionally graded Si1-xGex buffer is deposited where the Ge composition x is increasing from about zero to a value less than about 20%. Then a first etch-stop ...

Steven Jobs
Steven P Jobs, Jonathan Ive, Michael D Hillman, Frank Tsai, Michael D McBroom, Daniel L McBroom, Brian T Sudderth, Arthur S Brigham, Joel F Jensen, Robert B Brownell Jr, Sung Kim, Anwyl M McDonald, Russell C Mead Jr, Arturo Meuniot, Jesus Beltran, Bartley K Andre, Christopher J Stringer, Daniel J Riccio Jr: Computer controlled display device. Apple, Blakely Sokoloff Taylor & Zafman, March 25, 2008: US07349203 (4 worldwide citation)

The present invention is a computer controlled display device. In one embodiment, the display device includes a flat panel display having an input for receiving display data. Additionally, a moveable assembly may be coupled to the display. The moveable assembly may provide at least three degrees of ...

Longzhi Jiang
Longzhi Jiang, Gregory Alan Lehmann, Clifford Joseph Ginfrida: Thermal shield to coldhead sleeve thermal contact. General Electric Company, Peter Vogel, March 25, 2008: US07348777 (2 worldwide citation)

A magnetic resonance imaging magnet assembly is provided. The assembly comprises a outer thermal shield having an operational temperature. The assembly further includes a cold sleeve assembly comprising a plurality of braid elements mounted to a cooler block and a highly thermally conductive block m ...

Marc Van Damme
Joan Vermeersch, Marc Van Damme: Negative working, heat-sensitive lithographic printing plate precursor. Agfa Graphics, Leydig Voit & Mayer, March 25, 2008: US07348126

A negative-working lithographic printing plate precursor is disclosed comprising on a support having a hydrophilic surface or which is provided with a hydrophilic layer, a coating comprising an infrared absorbing agent, a first layer comprising an aqueous dispersion comprising hydrophobic thermoplas ...

Matthew Bell: Interactive video display system. Reactrix Systems, Carr & Ferrell, March 25, 2008: US07348963 (432 worldwide citation)

An interactive video display system. A display screen is for displaying a visual image for presentation to a user. A camera is for detecting an object in an interactive area located in front of the display screen, the camera operable to capture three-dimensional information about the object. A compu ...

Yannis Labrou, Lusheng Ji, Jonathan Russell Agre: Methods for purchasing of goods and services. Fujitsu, Staas & Halsey, March 25, 2008: US07349871 (277 worldwide citation)

A method for conducting a purchasing agreement for goods and services between a consumer and a merchant through a trusted a third party and using a wireless network includes generating, by the consumer, a first view of the agreement and transmitting the first view of the agreement to the third party ...