David Sherrer
David W Sherrer, Mindaugus F Dautargas, Neil Ricks, Dan A Steinberg: Wafer level packaging for optoelectronic devices. Shipley Company L L C, Jonathan D Baskin, March 18, 2008: US07345316 (10 worldwide citation)

An optical device package includes a substrate having an upper surface, a distal end, a proximal end, and distal and proximal longitudinally extending notches co-linearly aligned with each other. A structure is mounted to the substrate and has at least one recessed portion. The structure can be a li ...

Peter A. Bouchard
Jeffrey Phillips, David Allen, Brett Serkez, Peter Bouchard: Method and apparatus for managing information related to storage activities of data storage systems. EMC Corporation, Wolf Greenfield & Sacks P C, March 18, 2008: US07346636 (4 worldwide citation)

Methods and apparatus for managing information related to backup storage activities of data storage systems. In a computer system having one or more independent backup data storage systems coupled to each other and each serving one or more clients, a user may obtain information related to backup act ...

Jean-luc Dubois
Jean Luc Dubois, Fabienne Desdevises, St├ęphanie Serreau, Damien Vitry, Wataru Ueda: Method for the production of acrylic acid from propane, in the presence of molecular oxygen. Arkema, Buchanan Ingersoll & Rooney PC, March 18, 2008: US07345198 (2 worldwide citation)

The invention concerns the production of acrylic acid from propane in the presence of molecular oxygen. Said method consists in passing a gas mixture comprising propane, molecular oxygen, water vapour and, optionally, an inert gas, on a catalyst of formula (I) MolVaTebNbcSidOx to oxidize propane int ...

Steven Jobs
Jeffrey L Robbin, Steve Jobs, Philip W Schiller: Method and apparatus for use of rotational user inputs. Apple, March 18, 2008: US07345671 (123 worldwide citation)

Improved approaches for users of computing devices to interact with graphical user interfaces are described. According to one aspect, a rotational user action supplied by a user at a user input device is transformed into linear action with respect to a graphical user interface. According to another ...

E Bruce Toby, Randall J Huebner: Connective tissue repair system. Kolisch Hartwell PC, March 18, 2008: US07343920 (346 worldwide citation)

Systems, including apparatus and methods, for repairing injured connective tissue. These systems may include, among others, a surgical stapler and staples for repairing partially or completely severed tendons and/or ligaments.

Anand Prahlad, Andreas May, Ivan Pittaluga, John Alexander, Jeremy A Schwartz: System and method for generating and managing quick recovery volumes. CommVault Systems, Perkins Coie, March 18, 2008: US07346623 (331 worldwide citation)

The invention relates to computer readable medium storing program code which when executed on a computer causes the computer to perform a method for creating a quick recovery volume of a primary data set used by a first computer in a backup storage system, which includes identifying a snapshot image ...

Mark R Prausnitz, Mark G Allen, Inder Jeet Gujral: Microneedle device for extraction and sensing of bodily fluids. Georgia Tech Research Corporation, Ropes and Gray, March 18, 2008: US07344499 (304 worldwide citation)

Microneedle devices are provided for controlled sampling of biological fluids in a minimally-invasive, painless, and convenient manner. The microneedle devices permit in vivo sensing or withdrawal of biological fluids from the body, particularly from or through the skin or other tissue barriers, wit ...

George G Mueller, Frederick M Morgan, Ihor A Lys, Kevin J Dowling, Edward Nortrup: Thermal management methods and apparatus for lighting devices. Philips Solid State Lighting Solutions, Wolf Greenfield & Sacks P C, March 18, 2008: US07344279 (281 worldwide citation)

Methods and systems are provided for providing active and passive thermal or cooling facilities for LED lighting systems, including radiating and convective thermal facilities, including fans, phase change materials, conductive polymers, potting compounds, vents, ducts, and other thermal facilities.

Nigel Mark Goble, Francis Amoah, Colin C O Goble: Electrosurgical generator and system. Gyrus Medical, Nixon & Vanderhye P C, March 18, 2008: US07344532 (273 worldwide citation)

In an electrosurgical generator for generating radio frequency power, the generator comprises a radio frequency output stage having three or more output connections, one or more sources of output power coupled to the output stage, and a controller operable to cause the generator to supply a first cu ...

Russell W Gowan, Brian Risch, Wayne Cheatle: Coated central strength member for fiber optic cables with reduced shrinkage. Draka Comteq, Sughrue Mion PLLC, March 18, 2008: US07346244 (256 worldwide citation)

A foam polymer jacketed rigid strength member for a fiber optic cable is disclosed, as is the method for its production. The foam jacket is made by feeding into an extruder a base polymer material, preferably a resin, such as polypropyene. The base material is melted in the extruder and a blowing ag ...