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Mobile wireless device(s) roam within and between premises and a vehicle or other mobile platform and interface to wireless local area networks within the premises or vehicle. When using the intra-vehicular network, a communication relay within the vehicle routes communications from the wireless dev ...

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DNS in its native form cannot identify a good or best server. Traditional Service Providers deploy a centralised approach to global traffic management based on enhancements to DNS, but do have the capability to augment this with edge-based server selection because they do not own/operate an edge net ...

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An automated method and system for testing a web site for vulnerability to a cross site scripting (XSS) attack are disclosed. The automated tool injects a tracer value into both GET and POST form data, and monitors the resultant HTML to determine whether the tracer value is returned to the local mac ...

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The present invention is a method for scheduling an event or meeting consisting of a plurality of persons which is determined by optimizing one or more variables. In the preferred embodiment, one or more requests for a meeting are pooled. A selected variable is optimized and an event is scheduled on ...

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A method is described for preparing a niobium suboxide represented by the formula, NbOx, in which 0.7

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Fracturing fluids comprising a base fluid and substantially hydrated cement particulates. Methods of fracturing a subterranean formation comprising fracturing the subterranean formation so as to create or enhance one or more fractures in the subterranean formation; introducing a fracturing fluid com ...

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Systems and methods for real-time interactive wagering on event outcomes are presented. Clients are first qualified and given wagering limits before being allowed to interactively wager on event outcomes. Event outcomes may be based on, for example, financial markets and indices, sporting and entert ...

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A system and method for distributing digital media assets to a plurality of users. A portal is provided comprising at least one server computer. The portal executes a media library database server application that manages access a master library of media 5 assets that can be accessed by users via on ...

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Some embodiments provide a configurable IC that includes several configurable logic circuits for configurably performing computations. The configurable IC also includes several configurable routing circuits for configurable routing signals to and from the logic circuits. In some embodiments, at leas ...