Kevin Kwong Tai Chung, Cynthia Ting Wah Chu, Xiaoming Shi, Jing Jian Li: Object monitoring, locating, and tracking system employing RFID devices. Avante International Technology, Clement A Berard Esq, Dann Dorfman Herrell & Skillman, March 11, 2008: US07342497 (66 worldwide citation)

A system for monitoring a container comprises an RFID device interior the container and a receiving device exterior the container. The RFID device transmits messages each including unique identifying information, and the receiving device exterior the container receives and stores and/or relays messa ...

Thomas P Gallagher: Automated detection of cross site scripting vulnerabilities. Microsoft Corporation, Banner & Witcoff, March 11, 2008: US07343626 (66 worldwide citation)

An automated method and system for testing a web site for vulnerability to a cross site scripting (XSS) attack are disclosed. The automated tool injects a tracer value into both GET and POST form data, and monitors the resultant HTML to determine whether the tracer value is returned to the local mac ...

Joseph M Asher, Howard W Lutnick: Real-time interactive wagering on event outcomes. Cantor Index, Antonio Papageorgiou, March 11, 2008: US07341517 (65 worldwide citation)

Systems and methods for real-time interactive wagering on event outcomes are presented. Clients are first qualified and given wagering limits before being allowed to interactively wager on event outcomes. Event outcomes may be based on, for example, financial markets and indices, sporting and entert ...

Craig W Roddy: Methods of using substantially hydrated cement particulates in subterranean applications. Halliburton Energy Services, Craig W Roddy, Baker Botts, March 11, 2008: US07341104 (64 worldwide citation)

Fracturing fluids comprising a base fluid and substantially hydrated cement particulates. Methods of fracturing a subterranean formation comprising fracturing the subterranean formation so as to create or enhance one or more fractures in the subterranean formation; introducing a fracturing fluid com ...

Clarence Chui, Jeffrey B Sampsell, William J Cummings, Ming Hau Tung: Spatial light modulator with integrated optical compensation structure. IDC, Knobbe Martens Olson & Bear, March 11, 2008: US07342705 (64 worldwide citation)

A spatial light modulator comprises an integrated optical compensation structure, e.g., an optical compensation structure arranged between a substrate and a plurality of individually addressable light-modulating elements, or an optical compensation structure located on the opposite side of the light ...

Peter George Capek, William Grey, Paul Andrew Moskowitz, Clifford A Pickover, Dailun Shi: Event scheduling with optimization. International Business Machines Corporation, Duke W Yee, Stephen C Kaufman, Theodore D Fay III, March 11, 2008: US07343312 (63 worldwide citation)

The present invention is a method for scheduling an event or meeting consisting of a plurality of persons which is determined by optimizing one or more variables. In the preferred embodiment, one or more requests for a meeting are pooled. A selected variable is optimized and an event is scheduled on ...

Steven Teig, Herman Schmit, Jason Redgrave, Vikas Chandra: Configurable IC with interconnect circuits that also perform storage operations. Tabula, Adeli & Tollen, March 11, 2008: US07342415 (61 worldwide citation)

Some embodiments provide a configurable IC that includes several configurable logic circuits for configurably performing computations. The configurable IC also includes several configurable routing circuits for configurable routing signals to and from the logic circuits. In some embodiments, at leas ...

Christoph Schnitter: Process for producing niobium suboxide. H C Starck, Connolly Bove Lodge & Hutz, March 11, 2008: US07341705 (60 worldwide citation)

A method is described for preparing a niobium suboxide represented by the formula, NbOx, in which 0.7

Jan K Dolloff, Randall D Mead, John D Hostetler, Anthony J Baerlocher: Computer system communicable with one or more gaming devices having a matching game with multiple rounds. IGT, Bell Boyd & Lloyd, March 11, 2008: US07341512 (59 worldwide citation)

A computer system operable to communicate with one or more gaming devices. The computer system has a processor and a data storage device. The data storage device stores instructions associated with a multi-round game. The instructions are executable to cause the gaming device to display a base, sele ...

Bret A Ferree: Hinged anterior thoracic/lumbar plate. NuVasive, Jonathan D Spangler, March 11, 2008: US07341590 (59 worldwide citation)

An anterior thoracic/lumbar system comprising a thin plate and fasteners for securing the plate to vertebrae or other osseous material. The plate may be hinged along the central axis, with a pair of collinear holes on each portion of the plate. Each of the holes accommodates a bolt which is screwed ...

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