Gregory A Ehlers, Joseph Beaudet: System and method of controlling an HVAC system. Robertshaw Controls Company, Andrus Sceales Starke & Sawall, March 11, 2008: US07343226 (161 worldwide citation)

A system and method manage delivery of energy from a distribution network to one or more sites. Each site has at least one device coupled to the distribution network. The at least one device controllably consumes energy. The system includes a node and a control system. The node is coupled to the at ...

Robin Fitzgerald legal representative, Sean Tillman Sande, Murray Robert Ellsworth: Bypass circuit to prevent arcing in a switching device. Eaton Corporation, Boyle Fredrickson S C, March 11, 2008: US07342754 (160 worldwide citation)

A device is provided for preventing arcing between contacts of a switching device as the contacts of the switching device are opened. The device includes a coil suppression circuit connected in parallel with the coil. The coil suppression circuit dissipates the energy stored in the coil in response ...

Borzu Sohrab: Devices and methods for accessing and analyzing physiological fluid. Lifescan, Wayne Jaeschke Jr, March 11, 2008: US07343188 (146 worldwide citation)

Systems, devices and methods for determining the concentration of physiological fluid analytes are provided. The subject systems have a plurality of biosensor devices present on a disposable cartridge. Each biosensor device includes a biosensor and a skin penetration means. In practicing the subject ...

Wei Zhang, Yingjian Chen, Satoru Araki, Mohamad T Krounbi: Magnetoresistive read head having a bias structure with at least one dusting layer. Western Digital, Jonathan E Prejean Esq, Knobbe Martens Olson & Bear, March 11, 2008: US07342752 (143 worldwide citation)

A magnetoresistive read head includes a magnetoresistive sensor and a bias structure adjacent to the magnetoresistive sensor. The bias structure provides a magnetostatic bias field for the magnetoresistive sensor. The bias structure includes an underlayer, a bias layer over the underlayer, and at le ...

James P Mitchell: Cell phone audio/video in-flight entertainment system. Rockwell Collins, Nathan O Jensen, Kyle Eppele, March 11, 2008: US07343157 (130 worldwide citation)

An airborne cell phone in-flight entertainment (IFE) system uses a cell phone for calls and IFE requests by dialing appropriate numbers. A pico cell receives the calls and the IFE requests. A soft switch switches the calls and IFE requests according to the telephone number. A transceiver receives th ...

John K Roberts, Frederick T Bauer, Joseph S Stam, Timothy A Bonardi, William L Tonar, Robert R Turnbull: Indicators and illuminators using a semiconductor radiation emitter package. Gentex Corporation, Price Heneveld Cooper DeWitt & Litton, James E Shultz Jr, March 11, 2008: US07342707 (125 worldwide citation)

A vehicle lamp assembly includes a housing and an LED lamp carried in the housing. A signal mirror includes a mirror and an LED lamp. The LED lamp includes a heat extraction member.

Ramin Rostami: Handheld device protective case. Marshall A Lerner, Jonathan Pearce, Kleinberg & Lerner, March 11, 2008: US07343184 (120 worldwide citation)

A protective cover for handheld devices. The protective cover containing a hardened plastic protective inner layer and a soft outer layer. The protective cover containing at least one cavity for mounting the associated segment of the handheld device therein and at least one fitted notch to secure th ...

Mark Serpa, Hani Alhemsi, Greg Ratajski, Bob Ashlock: Method and system for peer-to-peer wireless communication over unlicensed communication spectrum. Mark Serpa, McDermott Will & Emery, March 11, 2008: US07342895 (118 worldwide citation)

The present invention provides a method and system for peer-to-peer wireless communication over an unlicensed communication spectrum without routing or relaying of messages. Low-cost wireless communication is made possible by providing direct, peer-to-peer wireless communication without a need for e ...

John S Hendricks, Richard E Wunderlich: Program delivery system for VOD. Sedna Patent Services, Patterson & Sheridan, March 11, 2008: US07343614 (118 worldwide citation)

A novel network manager for use with a cable television system headend capable of monitoring and managing headend components and set top terminals in a television delivery system. The invention relates to methods and apparatus that manage and coordinate the reception of requested video on demand pro ...

Kaustubh Das, Changwen Liu, Prakash Iyer, Hani Elgebaly: Method, apparatus and system for optimizing routing of mobile IP packets. Intel Corporation, Michael R Barre, March 11, 2008: US07342916 (117 worldwide citation)

Network devices on mobile networks may be configured to improve and optimize packet processing and routing. Specifically, a home agent device may be decomposed into its major functionality, namely processing and routing. Various processors on the device are assigned to specific tasks and each proces ...

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