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Die Erfindung betrifft eine Vorrichtung (1) und/oder ein Verfahren zur Spracherkennung und Sprachwiedergabe insbesondere in einem Dialogsystem zur Steuerung von Vorrichtungen, bei welcher Eingangssignale mittels eines Spracheingabeelements (2) aufnehmbar sind und Ausgangssignale von einem Sprachausg ...

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A flexible endoscope providing increased control to an operator or user, the flexible endoscope utilizing an ionic polymeric material positioned in the shaft of the endoscope, such that, upon application of an electrical current to the ionic polymeric material, the material contracts and becomes rel ...

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A multi-chassis network device (120) includes a plurality of nodes (128A-D) that operate as a single device within the network and a switch fabric (125A-D) that forwards data plane packets between the plurality of nodes (128A-D). The switch fabric (125A-D) includes a set of multiplexed optical inter ...

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An information storage element has a carbon storage material including hexagonally bonded carbon and tetrahedrally bonded carbon, the information being formed by a changeable ratio of hexagonally bonded carbon and tetrahedrally bonded carbon.

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A copper-manganese mixed oxide cathode material, which is suitable for use in a cathode of an electrochemical cell, has the formula Mn x CU y O z , nH 2 O, wherein the oxidation state of Cu is between about + 1 and about +3, the oxidation state of Mn is between about +2 and about +7, x is equal to a ...

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A method, system, and apparatus for selectably releasing radio resources allocated to a UE, or other mobile node, that is capable of operating pursuant to multiple, concurrent packet services. A radio resource release indication is generated and sent by the UE when radio resources for a selected pac ...

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The present invention relates to porous coatings with controlled structure in the micro and nano-size domain. The coating has a thickness between 10 nanometres and 10 millimetres and its porosity is created in such a way that the pore size distribution is anisotropic. The invention also concerns pro ...

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Article comprising a substrate, which is extrusion coated with a composition comprising a multi-branched polypropylene having a g' of less than 1.00.

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In a radio communication system, a user terminal transmits a reservation packet to a base station using a common control channel (1), and the base station assigns an uplink data channel to the user terminal according to the reservation packet, and assigns a first shared control channel (2b) to the u ...

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A user interface technique using a two-dimensional capacitive sensor is provided. An apparatus for sensing movement of multi-touch points includes a capacitance sensing unit sensing two or more touch points, and sensing capacitance and a change in capacitance on the basis of the sensed touch points, ...