Adam Heller, Benjamin Feldman, James Say: Integrated lancing and measurement device and analyte measuring methods. Abbott Diabetes Care, Jackson & Co, February 26, 2008: US07335294 (394 worldwide citation)

An integrated lancing and measurement device is provided comprising a sensor designed to determine the amount and/or concentration of analyte in a biological fluid having a volume of less than about 1 μL. A piercing member is adapted to pierce and retract from a site on the patient to cause the flui ...

Csaba L Rethy, Karl H Ehrenfels, Roberto Pedros, David Ivanko, Randolph F Lehn, Frank J Viola: Surgical fastener applying apparatus. Tyco Healthcare Group, February 26, 2008: US07334717 (383 worldwide citation)

Surgical fastener applying apparatus for sequentially applying a plurality of surgical fasteners to body tissue are provided. The surgical fastener applying apparatus includes a replaceable cartridge assembly receivable in a distal end portion of a cartridge receiving half-section, the cartridge ass ...

Gary McAlister, Robert L Sakal: Stapling and cutting in resectioning for full thickness resection devices. Boston Scientific Scimed, Fay Kaplun & Marcin, February 26, 2008: US07334718 (293 worldwide citation)

A stapling unit for use with an endoscopic stapling system adapted to be advanced along an endoscope to a predetermined location within a body lumen to staple the portion of tissue, as part of an occlusal or full thickness resectioning procedure. The stapling unit comprises a first casing having a d ...

Rajen Chanchani: Heterogeneously integrated microsystem-on-a-chip. Sandia Corporation, Kevin W Bieg, February 26, 2008: US07335972 (267 worldwide citation)

A microsystem-on-a-chip comprises a bottom wafer of normal thickness and a series of thinned wafers can be stacked on the bottom wafer, glued and electrically interconnected. The interconnection layer comprises a compliant dielectric material, an interconnect structure, and can include embedded pass ...

Farhad Khosravi, Suresh S Pai, Celso J Bagaoisan: Apparatus and methods for sealing a vascular puncture. Access Closure, William A English, Vista IP Law Group, February 26, 2008: US07335220 (224 worldwide citation)

Apparatus for sealing a puncture communicating with a blood vessel includes a porous carrier formed from lyophilized hydrogel or other material. The plug may include at least first and second hydrogel precursors and a pH adjusting agent carried by the porous carrier in an unreactive state prior to e ...

Joshua R Smith, Matthai Philipose: Inertially controlled switch and RFID tag. Intel Corporation, February 26, 2008: US07336184 (222 worldwide citation)

One or more inertially controlled switches may be coupled to a radio frequency identification (RFID) tag, so that the response of the RFID tag indicates the state of the switch(es). The RFID tag and the switch(es) may be coupled together in various ways so that the state of the switches affects the ...

Charles J Winslow, David Bohrer, Henry A Klyce: System and method for immobilizing adjacent spinous processes. Kyphon, Coats and Bennett PLLC, February 26, 2008: US07335203 (211 worldwide citation)

A system and method for immobilizing adjacent spinous processes in accordance with the present invention can supplement primary fusion devices and methods by immobilizing spinous processes while bone from adjacent vertebral bodies grows together. The system requires less extensive surgical procedure ...

Colin C O Goble, Keith Penny: Tissue resurfacing. Rhytec, Oliff & Berridge, February 26, 2008: US07335199 (202 worldwide citation)

A method for skin treatment comprises the steps of delivering at least one pulse of radio frequency power to at least one electrode in order to create an electric field; passing gas through the electric field in order to form plasma from the gas; and applying the plasma to the surface of skin. The a ...

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